I am a woman who has been in this Spiritual Quest for about 15 years or more  learning every single day through the experiences with my fellow Humans.
    Growing in peace and strength, it does not matter what you think you know, the Universe teaches us Love is a unique and great force then all lessons are about Love...!
    I am the last one in a family of seven and the rebel and visionary one, always looking to grow from inside out.
  Don't care  what people think about me, if they take time to talk or point things about me is their time and their choice, I follow my dreams, taking responsibility of my life, choices and mistakes.
   Life is only one,  living the Present moment only,  the past is gone even though we would like to make it go back and fix things up we just can't...!! So why wasting precious time doing so?
I created this blog to talk about the struggle when walking in the path to enlightenment, what we believe as true is nothing more than an illusion.

I thank all of the people in my life because without knowing they have helped me to be who I am.



  1. very interesting prespective on life

    1. Thank you...like Dalai Lama says "In the year there are only 2 days when we can't do nothing...yesterday because it's already gone and tomorrow because it does not exist yet" So the only moment we have is Now...love, live and be happy now!