Tuesday, June 11, 2019

How can chant mantras raise your vibration

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As you may already know I have like, perhaps mostly every person in this world a lot of spiritual trouble, so decided to start looking into how can chant mantras raise your vibration when I am deep down in emotional garbage.

So I looked everywhere on the internet and the result was surprising. Mantras do actually help you to raise your vibration, but here is the thing everything has to do with the power of feeling!!

It doesn’t really matter to what God or Goddess the mantra is for. There are different mantras for different things, can be one word which is a seed mantra or built with more than two words.

I realized that, for some people like myself they use OM, for others looking to improve their self-esteem also can use Hreem, which is basically the same, but asking a different god/goddess.

How can chant mantras raise your vibration is very easy, it is not rocket science as you may think at the beginning. Set your intention and you can start chanting it. It raises your vibration because of the sound-energy-intention that is emanating from deep within yourself

Is the intention you put into your desire, what makes the mantra work.

I used to chant OM SHREEM HREEM KLEEM I just put them together, each one is for different things, then if I put them all together it might work wonders according to me, but guess what? It didn’t work! Hahaha. You can use them just as is. For me didn’t work, perhaps for you, it does.

Undoubtedly, you want high self-esteem, personal power, love, and money, of course, you do! Days passed and zero money coming in and no soulmate knocking on your door, not to mention self-esteem! You can read also  How to attract money if this is what you desire is for
First, the struggle was with  What do I do, meditation or prayer, after the choice of meditation is made, then the next step is to choose the correct mantra to use to get the results you want.

How can chant mantras raise your vibration?

This question burns within your soul, mind, and heart, you want to see results, the more you read experts in this area the more confuse you are (or at least I was) then it hits you like a lightning.

Clearly, there is only one God/Source/Universe/Love/Spirit it doesn’t matter how you want to name it, there is only one! Although when using mantras, you will know each one worships different deities.

You can try using only the Om by itself, which I myself prefer, because you can feel its power right away, also you can use OM HREEM to improve your self-esteem and creativity or as well you can use OM KLEEM if what you are looking for is love, but not only love in a relationship with a boyfriend or husband, but love within yourself and with everything and everyone around you.

These are just a couple of mantras that according to what I have a read, they really work.

The twist or the trick is all about how you concentrate and the feeling, the emotion you infuse into it.

Breathe in and breathe out and with every breath, you take, become the mantra, become what you desire to manifest. Imagine that you are a beam of light or the powerful sun raging fire.

If you can do this then, your mantra could be only two words: THANK YOU and every single time you chant the Thank You mantra feel it in each molecule of your body and you will see the manifestation of your desires almost instantly.


How can chant mantras raise your vibration, is no other thing, but the emotion you inject to your chanting, it has to be chanted with the clear intention that is working. Otherwise, you will only be like a robot repeating hole and empty words.

Make it a daily practice twice a day, morning and night before bed. It will change your life.