Thursday, May 16, 2019

How do emotions affect your weight

Normally you don’t think how emotions affect your weight until you have done and tried every possible diet out in the market from drinking lots of water to only eat salad to get rid of those stubborn extra pounds.

I knew about it, but never actually stopped to seriously give it a thought. Weight loss and weight gain are as spiritual as it can be!

As you all know this is not a blog from an expert with a Ph. D degree or something like that is a blog from a woman who has lots of spiritual troubles just as anyone else.

However, coming back to the point of how emotions can affect your weight I didn’t realize how important is for your body to keep a clear and clean mind.

I know let it goes and let it flow is easier to say than done! Living a life of hurry and not enough time to eat healthily or not enough time to sleep can lead to poor health, but the issue is not there at all!

You need to make peace with food, because food has nothing to do with what you think about yourself, food is the vessel to punish yourself.

That is amazing isn’t it, how could that possibly be? I asked to my “enlighten” mind that thinks knows everything and ended up not knowing about this.

You can go ahead and read my post about The power of feeling and you will understand better what I am talking about here.

This epiphany came after a breakdown I had when looking at my semi-naked body in the mirror and then I saw that instead of reducing sizes I had love handles bigger than ever!

I freaked out as I think many of us do when seeing your body is changing and not for the better. Even though you quit eating hot dogs and hamburgers or pizza.

I had become vegetarian, changed my eating habits to normal gear and nothing, not better results until I bumped into a Louis Hay page talking about how emotions affect your weight.

I realized it. It hit me like a hammer straight in my forehead. Almost knocked me down. Made me feel dizzy because it was there, right there in front of me all this time and didn’t see it.

Anger, self-hatred, longing for someone to love you, but most of all FEAR!

Whatever the case is for you, fear has sooo many ways to keep you blind, deaf and so on. You keep blaming everything outside yourself when is within you the whole drama taking place.

What am I going to do about it? Well, I have started to look inside and find out why there is so much fear and to what is that fear base of. Also, I have to forgive every person in my life that have rejected me in one way or another.

Although a times rejection seems not to affect me as much as I might think, well there you have it. It does affect me by gain pounds that don’t want to go away.

I have started listening affirmations on how to love me and how to be in touch with your inner self. The biggest challenge here is to forgive others and to forgive me.

Let it go and let flow.  To convince my subconscious mind that it is safe to be alone, that you are not lonely, that it is safe to drop the walls you have built around love base on fear and attachments.

Perhaps the deepest fear of all is not having someone by your side when you are older and that makes the anger to grow bigger because you remember all the mistakes you have made in the past. 
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 You remember the things stuck in your throat that never had the courage to say. The emotional things your stomach never got to digest, the hugs your arms never got to give. Look at your arms, your belly fat, your hips and they will show you how big your fears and anger are.

However, you are not the only one in this situation, look at me and I bet you there are a lot of people just like you and me having the same emotional poison becoming belly fat.

How emotions affect your weight, stop for a minute the chatter in your mind and ask yourself why do I hate myself so much, why am I not able to forgive myself. Why do I keep blaming food, while I can’t stop overeating?

Bless food as many times as you can during the day and let us know how it goes for you.

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