Thursday, December 20, 2018

The power of feeling

I was reading a book from Neville Goddard who talks about the power of feeling. You never really think about it as some huge power that is right in your hands.

One of my spiritual troubles has always been to truly believe in myself just as the gurus tell you to.  You were taught to have faith, to believe in God and to go to church.

But deep down there is this emptiness, this hole in your soul that It cannot be filled with nothing.
You have these strong emotions. So many times a situation can drive you crazy and not even for a second you stop and think "wow how powerful I am".

The Power of feeling

The so-called reality is nothing more than a reflection of what is going on inside your head, the stronger the feeling the stronger and quicker you see those same emotions repeating again and again.

Watch what you think, what you feel, when you get upset and this feeling of anger, despair or fear how to make you go around chewing your stomach up. Do you know that gastritis comes from contained emotions?

The power of feeling is about what you think about and how you feel about things in your daily life, the more negative you are then you will suffer from the same negative stuff repeatedly.
But let's change the game for a minute, let's say you decide to be positive and turn emotions around.

What if all that power, all that enormous explosion of energy is used to create through feeling the life you want? Just think What if for a moment you decide to think about things different as always.

Can you imagine how awesome it is the power of feeling? But really feeling it, really breathe it with your body, mind, and spirit. 

Neville Goddard talks about conscious and subconscious mind working at their best. Male and female. I like the way he puts it. The rational mind is the male and the creative manifesting mind is the female.
The force that contains the strongest feeling is the male and the one in charge of giving you what you feel the most is the female.

Isn’t that great? What an amazing creature you are and don’t know it! You always looking for something that has always been inside you!

Like Neville says it if you control the feeling,  you have control over the creation of whatever you want! Sounds easy but in reality, because you have no faith and don’t trust yourself (just like me ) well you don’t believe you hold such power.

The power of feeling is so amazing, unlimited, unrestrained, is like the wonderful lamp, obviously, here you don’t rub anything to make genie to appear.

The only thing you have to learn to do is to control your emotions, he who controls their emotions controls the world, his world, his realm, his reality, his dreams.

Anything can be obtained, but unfortunately if you are like me, today you are all excited and ready to take over your emotions and the next week I forgot all about because laziness is better than to work on yourself so you go back to “sleep” mode where is easier to blame others than be the light and power of your life.

Tell me about what you think and how you think this can be done or last longer because to me takes a few days in and some others out. What would you do differently without sounding like a millionaire guru? I would really love your opinion!

Monday, December 17, 2018

What is it suffering teaching you?

Suffering has a lot to teach us
What is suffering teaching you? This is a question a few of us ask when suffering from any of the life's struggle. Usually, you blame on others or blame life for all the suffering but, have you asked What is this teaching me? I used to go in living my life always finding someone to blame too. There was no room for looking inside and taking responsibility for my actions.

Until one day after thousands of tears and lonely crying nights it all comes to you like in a tsunami of emotions and precisely when you think there could be no more pain, no more struggle or not more fear, then and only then you have to face all this dilemma and looking yourself in the mirror here comes What is it suffering teaching you? And you can’t face because of all the programming that began in your childhood.

My first experience facing suffering Left me speechless, I literally created an ocean of tears bringing back the memories about the money struggle, my sibling's rejection because I had been born, oh yes do you think that knowing the people closest to you don’t love you does not cause any damage? Well, let me tell you it does cause damage deep damage.

What is it suffering teaching you?
Maybe at this point, you will be saying stop the crap and tell me What is it suffering teaching you? And yes you are right cut to the chase suffering teaches something different to every person for the majority of us is about loving ourselves (at least in my case it was) deep down in my heart I knew I had to forgive others in order for me to be happy or at least  to have a bit of peace of mind. There were some men in my life that didn’t do any good and I knew it but even though that relationships were all about suffering and pain and fear you just keep going thinking that something must be wrong with you.

Those sleepless nights with your mind going around and around of the affairs of the day and when you least expect it then you are back in time when your brother or sister yelled at you “you shouldn.t be here on this Earth, you were not supposed to be born” or your father never showing up at school when everybody’s parents were there watching the festival and laughing and buying cotton candy for them.

What is it suffering teaching you? To love your life, to let go of the past, to be strong even when facing rejection, to allow the little boy or girl that is inside you to come and enjoy life, it teaches you how to go on and don’t care what other people think about you because you have no wounds anymore, because you have healed what was causing you to be away from yourself. There is no reason for keep on suffering when you have learned the lesson.

Pain and suffering won’t stop until you face it until you take responsibility for your own creations. Everything outside of yourself is worthless.