Saturday, April 26, 2014

What my Mother has to do with my money problems

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What my mother has to do with my money problems? This was a question I asked to my friend Zureya Queipo when trying to separate out some money problems, she sounded out “everything” I smiled I could not trust that assertion every bit true!.

I replied “please explain to me because I don’t Get it and probably not a batch of people know this”

How our Mother is related to our money troubles?

Well, according to Zureya who by the way is a very spiritual soul who aids people through the work of Family Constellations and also has a School for Women, according to what she stated if we have unresolved problems with our mother we will have money issues our whole lifetime.

We need to work from the inside out, looking back into our past and see how our relationship with our mother is or was… if you happen to notice there are many traumas or issues still pending between you and your mother then the money just won’t flow to you.

How to do to heal or fix issues with your mother

Now that we know  where this its been created, then here comes the best part, we have to forgive all what has happened to our mother in order to open the flow of money into our lives.

When she proved me how things go I realize still was admitting a lot of grudges from my teen years, a mass of anger I didn’t even know was there hiding very deep in my core.

Need time to condense it,  it's not easy to bear the fact that who is “messing your life up” is your own mother! Of course she is totally sinless. How does she know we are still lodged in the past?

Where  do you start forgiving?

From the beginning, I say   it’s a joke… we have to slow down, take hold of a piece of paper, pen or pencil and begin writing down whatever occurs to mind against your mother, write all the unresolved problems between the two of you.
Forgiveness is not an easy task we believe simply by pronouncing “I forgive you” voila! All is fixed… it does not work that way it has to be from the bottom of our heart with an amazing love and desire to change not your mum but yourself.

Everyone of us has the right to live without guilt and blame  which is in the end the main reason why we have those money problems because we feel guilty and ashamed of the resentment towards whom we suppose to love.


Our mother is a very substantial image in our lives and thus are the attachments and resentments that keep making up through time, are they positive or minus, we select, quit  the struggle of letting go, forgive, be grateful and let me know if your flow of money change.

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