Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Real Power of Gratitude

feeling gratitude
Gratitude is an amazing word which we forget to use in a regular basis, yes, we say "thank you" when someone gives us a gift or help us doing something, but the real power of gratitude starts when we actually are grateful for our life, husband, friends and even the grumpy boss we have to deal with every day at work.

How many times a day you think about Gratitude?

Living in a world where every day its a challenge, its a fight being the best,  to have more in order to be accepted in society, our mind gets stuck in the middle of past and future, but never stops in the now,  you have forgotten about being grateful… you seek more money, more material stuff even more love but how about gratitude? Do you even think about it all day long? The real power of gratitude begins when you stop thinking “I need” I want” and instead look around you appreciating what you already HAVE.

There is a switch of energy, a switch of “luck” when gratitude enters into your everyday life. How about giving thanks for the air we breath, for your health, for your family and so on. Are you looking for spiritual growth? Then this is a good way to start...!!

Still not convinced?

Well its easy to live your life complaining,  the struggle of letting go can be a huge battle, as we all know at the beginning is hard because your mind, it's set for despair, frustration and worry not for a happy and laid back life… if you are not still convinced of the real power of gratitude.. Well, then start by challenging your mind giving thanks every morning, afternoon and before to go to bed you will see how your life changes.

Every time your mind reminds you the struggle, pain, suffering and worry just tell it “I am grateful even for all the negative stuff in my life everything happens for my own good” the power is yours.


All those  tears you have cried for such a long time caused by fears and doubts can be wiped out with only one word: gratitude everyone has a lot of things to be grateful for we just need to look around to find beauty, love, life. Remember the power resides within you,  awaken that power by being in a state of grace.

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