Friday, March 21, 2014

Is it The Mind or The Body Sick?

contemplating the mind
I always ask myself when feeling not good is it the mind  or the body, sick? The answer obviously is: the mind! Have you noticed a drastic change in your mood or someone pushes your “buttons” too easy? Well, you are going through a difficult time here…. The mind plays head games for everybody at all times.

How do I know when the mind is sick?

At the beginning the mind is very subtle is like a snake rattling around your body, squeezing it like a poor orange when making juice out of it, all this occurs because you are too worried about life, money, relationships and else, then the body starts giving you signals of something going wrong inside, from time to time its giving you little messages, but life is too short I can’t pay attention to unnecessary stuff its just a stomach ache I will be better tomorrow.

Then again, is it the mind or the body, sick? The mind creates sickness, its main reason is to keep you away from who you really are, it is so powerful that makes you truly believe you are sick and you are  who you’re not, embrace your fears stop the struggle of letting go

How do I keep the body healthy?

First having a healthy mind… go into the silence, meditate, stay alone and listen what your body is saying through feelings, through sensations, you will find out very soon who is the one in charge of that party… ask yourself again IS IT THE MIND OR THE BODY SICK? And again and again as many times as necessary until the mind itself says “ yes it is me” “I am playing, using you as a poppet”  then start taking control of it, it is not on its own, you are the driver of this carriage, you and only you can control the horses and give them direction, not me not anyone else but you. Remember THE MAGIC OF LOVING YOURSELF works better than any medicine in this world.

In conclusion
What comes from the mind it will affect the body maybe not today or right away but sooner or later it will ask every day the same question or when feeling different is it the mind or the body sick? By doing so the MD will be happy not to see you too often at his office or maybe too sad because he has one less patient

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