Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Real Power of Gratitude

feeling gratitude
Gratitude is an amazing word which we forget to use in a regular basis, yes, we say "thank you" when someone gives us a gift or help us doing something, but the real power of gratitude starts when we actually are grateful for our life, husband, friends and even the grumpy boss we have to deal with every day at work.

How many times a day you think about Gratitude?

Living in a world where every day its a challenge, its a fight being the best,  to have more in order to be accepted in society, our mind gets stuck in the middle of past and future, but never stops in the now,  you have forgotten about being grateful… you seek more money, more material stuff even more love but how about gratitude? Do you even think about it all day long? The real power of gratitude begins when you stop thinking “I need” I want” and instead look around you appreciating what you already HAVE.

There is a switch of energy, a switch of “luck” when gratitude enters into your everyday life. How about giving thanks for the air we breath, for your health, for your family and so on. Are you looking for spiritual growth? Then this is a good way to start...!!

Still not convinced?

Well its easy to live your life complaining,  the struggle of letting go can be a huge battle, as we all know at the beginning is hard because your mind, it's set for despair, frustration and worry not for a happy and laid back life… if you are not still convinced of the real power of gratitude.. Well, then start by challenging your mind giving thanks every morning, afternoon and before to go to bed you will see how your life changes.

Every time your mind reminds you the struggle, pain, suffering and worry just tell it “I am grateful even for all the negative stuff in my life everything happens for my own good” the power is yours.


All those  tears you have cried for such a long time caused by fears and doubts can be wiped out with only one word: gratitude everyone has a lot of things to be grateful for we just need to look around to find beauty, love, life. Remember the power resides within you,  awaken that power by being in a state of grace.

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Greatest Lesson of my Life

When I picked up the phone I never expected to hear what I heard, just shook me off I was at work… my other sister called me she was different and then I asked what was wrong.

She said Olga has Cancer… you see and hear other people stories and you feel that is never going to happen in your family or in your life, but it happened I was there standing up listening like it was a bad dream.

She gave me the  greatest lesson of my life in faith and strength… I was thousands of miles away from her, but in my heart she was right there in front of me… she has two sons and  her husband.

The two sons new the problem, she needed to be checked out and do all the tests that are required in this situation and obviously the money you have to spend on doctors and hospital because she hadn’t health insurance.

They didn’t help her… my nephews refused to give a cent for the medicals… she had no money… all family members cooperate with something, but wasn’t enough, she said “don’t worry, God is always here with me, I will pray and everything is going to be alright… I am not going to die… not if it's not my time yet, this is only a lesson for me to grow”

I struggle with my faith sometimes, but when I saw her courage and that strong, unshakable belief that everything was okay… I couldn’t resist and look at myself and feel how wrong I was when I criticized her in the past because of her way to see God and her Religion.

Then all took shape and started happening in marvelous ways, incredible ways… a nurse from her church took her for the first tests, all of a sudden a young Doctor that was working at the hospital asked her what the problem was… she said my doctor discover several small balls under my right arm sent me to do the test and it came positive.

I am in the first stage so can be cured, but I have no money for the surgery… young Doctor said don’t worry mama you’ll be okay, come back tomorrow and look for me.
The nurse and this young Doctor contacted a very experienced expensive surgeon, which specialize in this kind of Cancer, he agreed to operate and do everything for free..!

Next day when Olga went again to see him, they had this great news… she cried and fell on her knees… God answered her prayers, the only thing she spent some money were the bus tickets because his hospital is like maybe five or six hours away from where she lives.

No one in my family couldn’t understand the strength of her faith, she was like a rock standing up, serene, calming down my mother, when someone talked about it in a negative way she used to say… no… I don’t take it  the disease is a lie, is an illusion.

What a great lesson to me, what an awesome way for God to demonstrate his Power but didn’t end there… like I said before, my nephews completely refused to give any help at all… but help came from somewhere Higher than them, people at church did some stuff to get money and they put together more money than they expected.

She had more than enough money to pay for the hotel, tickets, food, and everything she needed before and after the surgery.

Do I need to say more? Do I need more to believe there is a Higher Power that works for us when we call it? Will I keep struggling with my faith after all this? The  answer is no… I am  not… every time she comes home and I see her I see the Power of Belief right in front of me.

She is completely cured, and  her gratitude and mine also will go until the last day of my physical life… God bless all the women that have gone through it and my most sincere admiration..!!

If I Defend Myself I am Attacked

Man pointing, posing angry attacked
This is lesson #135 from A Course in Miracles I don’t know if you have ever read it, but this is a great lesson in the workbook… how many times in our day we feel Attacked and think we have to Defend ourselves from people, situations or just life.

You live with the thought that you are threatened by others so you have and need to protect and Defend from any hurt or pain that those others can inflict you.

We look for all forms of protection, but protecting from what? Are we really being attacked? Or is it only what fear who has created this illusion from what we believe is true?

You know the more you defend yourself the bigger your fear is… fear of what?
This was the question I asked myself this morning when the owner came to the house I am renting and started some construction work in the back yard… I was so upset, so mad at him, he was wasting the water, causing inconvenience to me.

I decided to go outside and yell at him and let him know who he was dealing with… but then a little voice inside me said “ what are you defending from?” am I really being Attacked? Why should I if I am about to move out anyway?

In this lesson If I Defend Myself, I am attacked A Course in Miracles says that if we defend the body, then we sick the mind as you know this is my own way to explain it my mind got sick of anger this morning when the old guy came to work in the back yard.

In other words, just go with the flow and don’t slaved your mind thinking first as if you were a body because you are not.

How would you feel if only release and let go of worries and fears and not to plan anything, just allowing you to know that there is something or someone bigger than you making the way in front of you.
The rocks in my path are many, but picking up one at the time they become less and less today I have learned to stop Defending myself nobody has attacked me but my own sick mind.

The Ego can block your vision with tons and tons of illusions, the illusions we believe are real, as real as they can be and we live in a constant lie… giving the credit of “reality” to what is no other thing but an illusion created by our fear to be free, our fear to go with the flow.

Don’t need to defend yourself anymore, no one has attacked you… there is a Higher Power guiding your way out of trouble, no need to plan and struggle for the future or get upset for the past… just a little spoon of belief and trust can make the difference in your life.

If you wish to read the whole lesson here is the link to it. If I Defend Myself, I am attacked lesson 135
God Bless You all

Is it The Mind or The Body Sick?

I always ask myself when feeling not so good is it the mind or the body, sick? The answer obviously is the mind! Have you noticed a drastic change in your mood or when someone pushes your “buttons” too easy? Well, you are going through a difficult time here…. The mind plays head games to everybody at all times.

One of the many spiritual troubles, I have had in my life is, precisely, that some people could easily make me sick to the bone in the past.

What I didn’t know as clearly as I know now is that the more you grow in your spirituality the more you find out that for real is the mind and how you control it what makes you sick.

Let’s begin with stress, when there is something worrying you, obviously you focus the whole attention on the subject, it takes time and effort from you because one way or the other you have to resolve the situation even if you know there is no possible solution for it.

Hours and days go by and you still thinking and rethinking of what you could or could not do, waste sleepless nights’ in a frequency that is far from being a higher vibration.

Then your body starts sending you signals, but you don’t pay attention because are so worried looking for a solution to a problem or simply working too much that there is no time for your Self.

How do I know when the mind is sick and I am not in a higher vibration?

At the beginning the mind is very subtle is like a snake rattling around your body, squeezing it like a poor orange when making juice out of it, all this occurs because you are too worried about life, money, relationships and else, then the body starts giving you signals of something going wrong inside, from time to time it's giving you little messages, but life is too short I can’t pay attention to unnecessary stuff it’s just a stomach ache I will be better tomorrow.

Then again, is it the mind or the body, sick? The mind creates sickness, its main reason is to keep you away from who you really are, the power of the mind  is so immense that makes you truly believe you are sick and you are  who you’re not, embrace your fears stop the struggle of letting go

How do I keep the body healthy?

First having a healthy mind… go into the silence, meditate, stay alone and listen to what your body is saying through feelings, through sensations, you will find out very soon who is the one in charge of that party… ask yourself again IS IT THE MIND OR THE BODY SICK? 

And again and again as many times as necessary until the mind itself says “yes it is me” “I am playing, using you as a poppet” then start taking control of it, it is not on its own, you are the driver of this carriage, you and only you can control the horses and give them direction, not me, not anyone else but you. Remember The magic of loving yourself works better than any medicine in this world.

You can read The power of feeling and also if you want to raise your vibration with gratitude you can read The magical power of gratitude.

The mind goes where you allow it to go if you are usually dwelling and swimming in an ocean of negative thoughts, then what you will attract it will be according to your frequency and vibration.

Lower vibrations obviously will bring to you, undesirable stuff that at some point will make your body sick because of the stress you put it under.

Practice meditation every day, if it is not possible in the morning then do it at night, I found a very nice YouTube channel they have a very large library from where you can find affirmations that really work combined with frequencies that can raise your vibration.

Also looking around on the internet for more help even though I have been in this spiritual awakening path for so many years still sometimes I have to remind myself of certain techniques to keep the mind under control and to stay away from having a sick body.

I certainly can understand when you think that you can handle it without any help because the reason for the creation of this blog was precisely the spiritual troubles we all go through at any given moment in this path.

Until the day one is completely awakened and can understand how the mind works and how powerful you are we will keep looking for anything that can help us with our inner growth.

I also found this blog that has very interesting information on how the mind can make you sick via stressing you out it has very helpful information to read on.

I will be sharing with you every blog that I find interesting or that can help you and help myself as well, for some, it might not work but for some others it could, even if can help just one person I will be very happy.

In conclusion

What comes from the mind it will affect the body maybe not today or right away but sooner or later it will. Ask every day the same question or when feeling different is it the mind or the body sick? By doing so the MD will be happy not to see you too often at his office or maybe too sad because he has one less patient.

Until next time, I hope to see you around here, which, although this is not a blog created by an expert, was made with the purpose of learning and remembering along with whoever does me the honor of reading it.

May the Universe gives you the strength and wisdom to create the life you want.

“You are what you think you are”