Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why people worship Buddha

Why  people worship Buddha for luck? This is a question I always had in my mind I myself used to rub its belly in the believe that would bring me luck…. Money to be sincere. This time I want to talk about Buddha next time I will go with religions worshiping idols, but that will be in the next post.

People worship Buddha

A lot of people do, believing that doing so their luck will change and it does if you really focus on what you want, but here comes the “but” it is not because of the image or idol you have worshiped but because of the faith you have in it. You can take a rock and put on an altar worship it, have faith in it and voila!! Your request will be fulfilled.

Humans need to believe in something

Humans need to believe in something outside themselves its easier to ask for money to a deity outside than a look and make changes within yourself. Buddha didn’t say to people worship me and I will give you wealth that was a man's creation I remember several years ago I used to have a little Buddha in a silver platter with three red apples to bring me money and sales in my business I also used to pray to it… back then I was Catholic…!! Can you see how false I was? I prayed for money to one who did not believe in prayer to an idol… how funny.

But why Buddha?

Because in our society money has become the main necessity and Buddha figure is use a lot to bring wealth… In Feng Shui Buddha figures are used  to move energies, attract money (again), happiness, health or love the problem is not whether you worship or use as an idol or not but why? Why you keep looking outside yourself when the same Siddharta Gautama the Buddha taught to go into the silence and find the balance within yourself then you will find abundance.

I am not saying here that asking for money is bad, not at all what I’m saying is why  to ask to a Buddha idol for what you want instead learn the Buddha way to balance your life and start creating what you really want from a different perspective.

Why  people worship Buddha? Well, like I said before, it's easier and safer to keep yourself in a comfort zone where you don’t question anything, just doing what everyone else does than getting yourself out of the box, look and find the Buddha that lies within you living the life you are supposed to live: full and complete in yourself.  

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