Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to live without Guilt and Blame

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Reading my favorite book “A course in miracles” I stopped at chapter 13 where it talks about guiltlessness and invulnerability then I Thought How to live without guilt and blame in a world full of it? Doing what the Holy Spirit tells you to.

How to  live without Guilt?

According to Holy Spirit the son of God (us) has never sinned, we are the ones giving the Ego all our power how can we see what we really are if our whole life it has been full of guilt because  of the sins of our past? The past does not exist and then how can you be guilty? For us to learn how to live without guilt and blame have to believe that we are the Son of God, stop feeling guilty for what you think you’ve done and that you’ll be or must be punished for it that’s the Ego’s idea not God’s idea.

What makes us to blame?

We were taught to blame ourselves and others since early childhood, so How to live without guilt and blame now that we are adults? The guilt for our “sins” it's what makes you blame, blame your life, friends, family, wife, pet, etc.,… there is no limit for blaming when you don’t have the courage to stop following and listening to your Ego’s voice which is the one telling you all that bunch of lies about who you are, the Ego teaches you to attack yourself by feeling guilt but if you recognize that there is no reason to feel this way because time does not exist so then the past is gone

The Ego’s voice is always telling you lies and showing you a world of illusion as guilt and blame are, you are so used to give all your power to the Ego that you really believe what you see as your “reality” and thinking about yourself as Pure, Holy and Powerful is unbelievable to you… why? Because you live in the darkness of your Ego Mind. The Ego is not another thing, but the part of your mind that believes is separated from the rest.


Give your troubles to the Holy Spirit for a good reason God gave Him to us it is easier to rely on Him than to try to fix them by yourself, leave the past behind do not attack yourself anymore, learn how to live without guilt and blame and the best teacher for it is the Holy Spirit who is there always waiting to be called, see that you are already the Perfect loving Child of God… is this too hard to accept? Why?

This post, it is based on the book A Course in Miracles

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