Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How can I be Spiritual without feeling selfish?

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How can I be spiritual without feeling selfish is something I have felt for a long time in the past it is like a shadow over your head it is a feeling of doing wrong or not being good enough because a spiritual person has to be good..!

How can I be Spiritual if I feel guilty?

In my quest for Spiritual Growth, I have encountered many of these situations where my heart tells me to do something I feel right and later on my mind recriminates me for doing it and it doesn't end there it keeps going on and on if you allow it can happen for years. My spiritual troubles are with faith maybe my faith is not big enough, maybe like the bible says with a faith of the size of grain marvelous things can happen but how can I not feel selfish when asking God for something?

Should I follow the herd?

Spiritual teachers say ask and focus on what you want, but if I ask it means there is a need to fulfill when we are supposed to already have everything… so then again how can I be spiritual without feeling selfish?  Should I follow the herd and not to pay attention to what my heart tells me? God knows already what you want, but He always gives you what you need at the moment, so why then bother with asking for something that it is not coming the way you wanted it? That leaves me with the answer of A Course in Miracles “Do Nothing” people might say “you have no dreams” “what music would you like to play” we all look for money, love, health or happiness because there are many people out there telling you to, maybe my spiritual troubles have caused me a lot of trouble…!! Following the herd is not the answer learn how to live without guilt and blame be free.

What is the right question to ask?

The right question to ask when you think how can I be spiritual without feeling selfish?  Would Be: Father show me the  way to do this you know better than I do what my Divine Purpose is take my hand and guide me” and then Do Nothing only listen to your heart and wait trusting the right answer will come, but not from where you expect it to come so don’t waste time trying to imagine how it will happen only trust that it will, looking for Spiritual Growth always comes with a reward from I least expect it.

In Conclusion

I must say the Ego always plays games with us feeling selfish is one of its traps to keep you stuck in the past or in the game of guilt stop the vicious circle by stepping out of it… .Now when you ask again HOW CAN I BE SPIRITUAL WITHOUT FEELING SELFISH? Remember, you cannot be selfish when what you are and have come from the Divine Presence within you…

God bless you all.

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