Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beauty Is Not in the Body

Photo by Frank Kovalchek
Today I had the chance to see how hard we judge ourselves you are blessed with beauty and style, but no matter what you see yourself as an ugly clown.

When you feel and see yourself in that way, then you become defensive and feel also attacked when somebody say something about your hair or your body or whatever else it really doesn’t matter because is all in your mind…!!!

 You are not comfortable with who you are but also means NOTHING can make you happy because you don’t know how to be happy with yourself…!!

The body is only an equipment for us to communicate some of us were blessed having beauty some of us didn’t but either way you can be the beast in the outside but have a magnificent divine loving heart in the inside.
Girl with beauty mask,  face treatment

There is magic in this world of course there is but we have to learn to see it there are beauty everywhere, but we have to stop and see it this miracle starts happening when you discover the magic of loving yourself.

This made me to remember a long time ago when I used to walk on the street and timidly take a look over my shoulder to the image on the glass windows and didn’t like what I saw fortunately my case wasn’t that severe because I could change my mind.

It is crazy how you want to change what you are, you spend lots of money trying to change your hair, your nose, your breasts, your butt everything…! Becoming someone you are not… you can even check on a picture the before and the after.

What I am trying to say is if you don’t perceive yourself beautiful then no one else would the beauty is not in the body, even though in our society “ugly” people, it’s been rejected and laugh at only because is not as pretty as “it should be”.

Yes, every time I walk through a mirror, I look at my reflection and say to her “you have to start working out again, food its delicious, but your health is also important” and I smile I accept the fact that I have eaten more junk food lately than I should be but I have stopped blaming or feeling guilty.

Your body is the temple in which your Divinity lives so you have to take care of it, I agree, but not to the point where body its everything. Nowadays, what you watch on television all the time is skinny girls and if you are not like them then you are fat and ugly.

Do not forget we are a Spirit having a Physical experience not the other way around… so now let me ask you…

How do you see yourself? As a unique, amazing diamond? Or as  ugly as the hunchback of Notre Dame? And though he had the beauty in his heart..!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Unconditional Love or Conditional Illusion

Wedding, cartoon of couple in love
I am in love, but… Is this feeling Unconditional love or a Conditional Illusion? How do I know which one it is? As much as you think is hard to know… let me tell you it is not.

When you love unconditionally, you allow the other person to be free to be and do what He or She wants without attachments letting them go and inside you there is this unbelievable happiness because you are doing the right thing.

How do I know is Unconditional Love?

Not feeling hurt or left behind not being upset or resentful against them, having enough with the joy of seeing their dreams fulfilled as if they were your own. Opening your arms and loose the knots loose the ties and let  your Self be.

But on the opposite side when you only live one of those conditional illusions of love, then release and let go its like an excruciating pain, your heart seems to stop working only by the thought of your partner leaving.
I have had my own dose of Illusion myself, I thought I knew better I had healed my wounds, but surprise I just had a lesson on it…!

Your Ego Self makes you think that you are already an expert in love relationships, but true is you don’t until the test comes and you… failed…!!!

I wish I could time travel and change things and fix past mistakes, but I can’t the only thing I Can do is to bless him. I have read in many books that our relationships are like mirrors that reflect back to you what needs work in your life I totally AGREE…!!!

When you live an Illusion of love if everything goes your way it’s the ultimate happiness, but there is this thin line between both conditional and unconditional, its like you crossed it in your sleep, then the circus start jealousy, lies, doubts, fear of losing him or her your life changes in a blink of an eye.

What am I doing? Why am I acting this way? Don't you suppose to be in control over this? I am a spiritual person…!!! Where is everything I have learned about it? Why I let my Ego  take control and didn’t even notice it? I was too busy trying to keep a good relationship that I messed it all up…!

How many of us have done this? Maybe more than we want to admit so I ask again… are you living an Unconditional love story or one of Conditional Illusion?