Sunday, August 25, 2013

Why God Has Forgotten Me

I don’t know about  you, but in my life  I used to ask this question several times a day… Why God has forgotten me? I was lost in the darkness of my Ego.

In the past, like everyone in this material world, I went through every bad experience that happened in my life with the thought of being alone, believing in one God or Supreme Being outside of myself, blaming and feeling guilty at the same time for falling again and again in the same situation.

We feel abandoned, betrayed and forgotten by God when in reality is us walking the path of separateness… the force that move us towards what we want or need is the force inside us waiting to be awaken completely to show itself as a wonderful, powerful yet humble energy that we are.

I myself wasted precious time looking up to the sky asking this question and I never got an answer… then I fell on my knees, crying, tearing my heart apart in desperation, wanting to see a sign in every person or condition I encounter even trying to hear His voice telling me the reason why He has forgotten about me… poor me…!!
Then nothing changed, nothing happened, my world kept going exactly as it was before, suffering and struggle, the struggle of letting go  of my old way of thinking became's a burden to me, a heavy weight over my shoulders, we want to see changes but we don’t want to move a finger to do so.

Many, not to say most people go the grave still asking why? Without knowing that the answer was right in their hearts. God never forgets, because it is right in your heart…!! Never goes or hides away because it is within you.

Instead of asking why God has forgotten me? Ask Why Have I  Forgotten Him? Why have I closed my ears to His voice? Why have I closed my eyes to His beauty? Then you realize who is the one away from the Source.

So now rethink the question and see how the answer comes to you. I know deep inside we all have a tremendous fear to see what can happen, what if its possible? What am I going to find if I look inside me? Embrace your fears and go for it, you will never, ever regret it…!!


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