Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Window am I Seeing Through

Seeing through the window
 I wasn’t in a good mood, with a huge headache from lack of sleep, went outside to the front yard and laid down on a bench, kept looking up to the sky, clouds passing through, nice breeze blowing my hair and so the tree branches and leaves a plane crossed the sky, leaving its white wake behind, a dove making its nest on my neighbor’s antenna… I smile and I thought what a beautiful scene, suddenly like waking up from a dream I thought to myself what a wonderful window I am seeing through…!

Headache? I didn’t remember I had it..! With such an amazing view who would have it? You have the choice, it is all yours, I stayed there for 20 more minutes just being one with that moment, no worries about anything or anyone just being.

Then the sky turned gray like a storm was coming, the wind was strong and the clouds looked heavy, the sun hid away, the smell of wet soil again stroked my nose, what a tasty smell I don’t know about you, but many times when a kid I had to taste it because the smell was so nice and my mouth watered...!!

What window Am I seeing through now?

 The view changed in just a blink of an eye you could see how fast nature changes  without asking me!!! Readjusting and refocusing my mind agreed this was also beautiful closing my eyes again kept enjoying being one with it.

My soul has found a place where to  be reborn where to recharge when the battery is almost running out of power… the bench outside in the front yard…!

There is no need to go the Tibet to find peace in your heart is already there where you least expect it, sometimes you spend thousands of dollars looking for a Spiritual Teacher to learn, hoping he or she can give you that awareness that evades you and every time you think is closer… surprise is gone like the movie “gone with the wind” at least it is what it has happened to me in the past.

Now here lying down in this old wooden bench I get to the truth is all about what window am I seeing though.

God Bless you all.

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