Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Weapon of Fear

I went away for one week I needed space and new air to breathe, but in my running I witnessed how fear can become the most powerful weapon people can use against you… if you allow it.

I was in a room full of people looking to sign a contract, to get a job in other words, the people who were supposed to train them or talk about the kind of job they would do, started out saying they could not talk to each other.

They could not say a word about the conditions they were taking the “training”, no use of the restrooms, because that would make them mad and no contract sign, not talking or comments about them not even with your husband or wife because no contract sign.

Most of the people there were older than 40 years, these guys were making fun of them…!! But didn’t complain because if you do “no contract signed” the power of negative thoughts is so immense that lead us to create situations where we are allowing others to treat us like crap.

I could see the faces of both men and women in total disagreement, but then again if these guys saw a frowning   or non happy face the threat was again no job.

Is all about manipulating people through fear…! Those persons in the room needed a job to help their families, but because of their fear of not signing a contract didn’t say anything to stop it. What is definitely true is that the biggest mountain is within you I have no doubt about it.

How far can a person go to give you a job and how much can a person resist the insult? I don’t know It surprised me to see how we can become sheep and docile and allow others to take control over us.

Yes… fear can be a very powerful weapon when a person learns how to use it and this week was my turn to watch… low self esteem, no love for yourself, a mindset for scarcity that don’t let you stand for yourself and say “wait a second I deserve better than this” “I might not have a degree in chemistry but I do have a degree in loving myself”.

The lesson I learned is to follow my dreams, to go for what I want not for what others want to give me, to move forward no matter what even if my fears say you won’t make it.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer says “Do Not Die with the music still inside you”

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