Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Struggle of Letting Go

The reality of this statement is that is easily said than done…!! Well, in my spiritual life every day is a lesson I wish I could find a person that can tell me is not having any struggle with letting go.

I think one of the biggest and toughest things in our spiritual quest or even when not in a spiritual path but in our daily life is this…

sad, man , struggleAfter a situation, let’s say a fight or argument with a partner,  parents or our boss we go back again and again replaying the movie and we are home in bed or the next morning, still keeping our head busy with the same thought as you must know the power of negative thoughts its so amazing that can stagnate you in the same place forever.

Like it just happened a few minutes ago…!!! My great spiritual teacher at home is my mother… when I think I have healed everything with her, there she comes again “pushing my buttons”.

When she is criticizing what I do or the way I do it, I keep my mind busy repeating “I release and let go” “I am the Violet Flame that consumes and dissolves everything she says” but guess what? Every so often I find myself falling into the trap of Ego.

Yes and as anyone else I have struggled with my “inner demons” and can’t let go,  it takes me time to do so. I don’t care what others say about it, I think that even Jesus did struggle with it.

What was He doing when He was alone and didn’t want to be bothered I only imagine He had to go away in order for Him to let go of all the things He had to witness and to go through.

He was a man after all… don’t you think? In a higher vibration yes, I agree, but still in a physical body and having to deal with our ancestors of which we are not so different…!!

The great reward of Letting go is the lightness, the freshness and happiness one feels when the burden is trashed… meanwhile, keep working on the breathing, affirmations and daily meditation… unless none of the above work, then bite your tongue before you say something you might regret later or can make you feel guilty and then will be harder to move on.

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