Monday, August 26, 2013

The Freedom of My Soul

Feeling the freedom of walking in the rain
It's raining now and few days ago, it was very hot reaching the upper 40’s in Celsius, now like I said before is raining and weather is better its cool and fresh I went outside, my Ego started complaining about it, I closed my eyes when I opened them I realized how wonderful nature is and the freedom we all look for is right there in this precise moment…!

Not tomorrow, but today, I enjoyed the rain falling over my face, the lightning and thunder, the smell of wet trees and soil, that is freedom, that is what my soul wants what I have been looking for…!!
I had to rewind the movie of my life, then acknowledged beauty is how the world and people look through my eyes through our inner eyes.

I danced laughing in the rain, what a miracle is that, the happiness in my heart was so immense my soul dancing with the everlasting joy of freedom, real freedom.
We want to be free from attachments, from our daily lives, but we also don’t stop complaining instead of being grateful, soil needs water in order to grow trees and any kind of plants, trees need sunlight in order to be strong and healthy and we need all of them: trees, rain and sunlight…!! So then why we complain so much when is hot or when its raining or when trees are on the way?

Because we are very unhappy inside, walking in this world full of anger mixed with resentment, looking for an excuse to throw our trash on others, vitiating the environment, walking like those zombies in every TV channel you skip they have them.

 A marvelous beauty is around you, everywhere you go there is a miracle happening even with the family member who bothers you the most (like my nephewSmile) there is a miracle right there in front of you, it is your choice what you want to see.

Let your soul to be free and you will find peace and happiness, let your soul find freedom and you will see miracles in your life.
Live the moment, rejoice with your own company there is no need to stand in a bar full of strangers in order to have company… you have the best company you can get…. Your own.

Today I know words don’t exist to explain clearly and exactly how it feels in my heart the freedom of my soul.

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