Friday, July 26, 2013

Embrace Your Fears

I have been away from this blog for a while  learning how to move forward and realizing I must Embrace my Fears if I want to be successful in all I do.

Fear kept me from making a wise decision: moving away or stay in the middle of negativity and anger… my dream has always been writing, put in words my thoughts and feelings but I was afraid to go on with it.

The EGO’s voice is still in my head saying you won’t make it, you are not good at this so I took time off and thought about what I really, really wanted and I stumble upon an eBook,  great one I must say name is How to Raise Your Manifesting Vibration  I have put hands on the techniques and so far is working amazingly well!!

Anyway, it made me realized I was allowing my fears to take control and that is not  going to get me anywhere… but how to let go of my doubts? Well the answer its so easy when you pay attention to the sweet voice coming from your heart.

Embrace your fears, accept,  look  straight forward and  speak to them because they are your creation! They have lived with you for such a long time, now you have to say “I know you have been here as my everyday companions, I have shared with you all my failures, but it is time now to let you go and I release myself from this burden”.

I thought as many people do, that creating the illusion they are not there, then it won’t be real, but at the same time unconsciously I sabotaged myself because deep inside my fears were doing their homework!

Embrace who you are and every time the Ego starts saying you are not good enough to do what you want in life... Turn around and speak to it like you would to a negative friend... Put a name to it… he has been there with you since the beginning of time and will die when you die.

Why we can't completely get rid of it? Well, because the Ego is that part of our mind that believes it separate from the rest... So the only thing we can do is to learn to take control over the carriage of our life... Yes, my life and yours are like a carriage where the horses are out of control taking you where ever they want to.

So become the chauffeur of your life and take control over the horses and move them in the way YOU want them to go. By embracing your fears you become free.

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