Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Biggest Mountain is Within You

man climbing biggest mountain
 Reading an article  I stumbled upon this quote which I am using as a title… As many of us, I have made out of my problems big mountains, huge ones and yet there is always a solution, but this solution only comes to you when you realize that the problem and the solution is the same.

You seek and seek for answers, you pray, you cry,  you also deny and  blame others and yourself.  Little by little you create a mountain out of your situation and you decide it is so high that it is impossible for you to reach the top.

It is impossible for you to even start climbing it.  Your doubts and fears make you feel unsafe, insecure about the answer… you are the only one holding yourself back.

The biggest mountain is always created by you, by the way you think of yourself, if one feels undeserving, unworthy and unlovable then this becomes the biggest, the highest wall which you are unable to cross

Outside there is nothing else but illusions, everything is within you, all the problems were created because of the thought you have about it… the unsolved situations are nothing else but rocks that  your Ego  have thrown  on the road.

You are not as successful or as prosperous as you want it to be because of yourself… align with your higher self, align your desire with your thoughts and you’ll see the result.

Sometimes when I am quiet, looking at a problem from another perspective, I end up laughing at myself and asking Why am I worry about this? If there is a solution well it will be and if not, then it won't be... So I go to the refrigerator I grab some butter pecan ice cream, which is my favorite and put a full spoon in my mouth close my eyes and enjoy as the ultimate precious jewel in the universe!!

Why do I do this? Wellness is a good way to tell my Spirit I enjoy life, I am happy and I trust Him, giving yourself a small gift as a spoon full of ice cream is like you are telling your inner child, everything is alright.

When you trust in your Self there is no mountain, that you can’t climb, there is no dream that can’t be fulfilled, there is no space for fear and doubt… everything starts within you.

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