Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Power of Negative Thoughts

The vast ground of our mind is so fertile and ready to grow whatever seed we plant in it… the seed of our Thoughts.

Bubble with negative thoughts
In daily life we don’t even think what kind of Thoughts we are planting in our mind, but usually these are mostly Negative… if we stop for a second and contemplate the quality of these, we would see they are on autopilot as +Leah Fairman says on her discussion Beware of Unconscious Co-Creation.

We can spend a week working with positive affirmations and one negative thought can destroy all that hard work in a second, our vibration goes to the floor when we are in a negative mode and so everything goes wrong.

What makes a negative thought so powerful? Well, as you  might know everything is energy so thoughts are energy too if you mix this with the fact of repetition then you have your outcome. What you think the most is your reality.

My mother talks all the time with herself sometimes I pay attention to what she says and her Self talk is only about regrets, cursing and blaming others for what happened like 50 years ago!

I try to make her understand that the kind of thoughts you hold in your mind is the kind of life you will live, if only she could understand the amount of power she is giving to those negative thoughts she wouldn’t do it!

The point is I have caught myself doing the same exact thing without even notice it, we can get stuck in negativity right away if don’t pay attention to our mind while doing our daily chores or work.

 We, humans  tend to forget about being present, about living in the Now, we have no control over our thoughts, when we learn this they become our best friends and for instance we become powerful manifestors.

Stop thinking about what you don’t want… stop giving power to your negative thinking… change your life for the better turning your power to the positive, to do this the only possible way is by staying in the Now moment..not yesterday not tomorrow… NOW be a guardian of you inner talk… don’t allow your Ego mind to take over.

Be a warrior of your own mind.

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