Friday, March 21, 2014

If I Defend Myself I am Attacked

Man pointing, posing angry attacked
This is lesson #135 from A Course in Miracles I don’t know if you have ever read it, but this is a great lesson in the workbook… how many times in our day we feel Attacked and think we have to Defend ourselves from people, situations or just life.

You live with the thought that you are threatened by others so you have and need to protect and Defend from any hurt or pain that those others can inflict you.

We look for all forms of protection, but protecting from what? Are we really being attacked? Or is it only what fear who has created this illusion from what we believe is true?

You know the more you defend yourself the bigger your fear is… fear of what?
This was the question I asked myself this morning when the owner came to the house I am renting and started some construction work in the back yard… I was so upset, so mad at him, he was wasting the water, causing inconvenience to me.

I decided to go outside and yell at him and let him know who he was dealing with… but then a little voice inside me said “ what are you defending from?” am I really being Attacked? Why should I if I am about to move out anyway?

In this lesson If I Defend Myself, I am attacked A Course in Miracles says that if we defend the body, then we sick the mind as you know this is my own way to explain it my mind got sick of anger this morning when the old guy came to work in the back yard.

In other words, just go with the flow and don’t slaved your mind thinking first as if you were a body because you are not.

How would you feel if only release and let go of worries and fears and not to plan anything, just allowing you to know that there is something or someone bigger than you making the way in front of you.
The rocks in my path are many, but picking up one at the time they become less and less today I have learned to stop Defending myself nobody has attacked me but my own sick mind.

The Ego can block your vision with tons and tons of illusions, the illusions we believe are real, as real as they can be and we live in a constant lie… giving the credit of “reality” to what is no other thing but an illusion created by our fear to be free, our fear to go with the flow.

Don’t need to defend yourself anymore, no one has attacked you… there is a Higher Power guiding your way out of trouble, no need to plan and struggle for the future or get upset for the past… just a little spoon of belief and trust can make the difference in your life.

If you wish to read the whole lesson here is the link to it. If I Defend Myself, I am attacked lesson 135
God Bless You all

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