Monday, April 8, 2013

How the Past Affects Our Present

We've all heard that  “the past we have to let it go" ... and that would be great if it only  were that easy, but I will say that for some people it is ...! I'll tell you that for me it has been so, we know that there are times when we hear a song and we're going back with memories, and if  those memories were good would be nice but... generally are not.

We all tend to remember only the bad that has happened in our lives, that is printed on us more easily than positive events, pleasant moments, those are the ones we should remember, but we like to self-flagellate, self-destroy again and again, as if it was not enough with what we already lived in that moment when the situation really happened. Especially when it comes to love relationships that did not end well, and attract someone new into our lives and we had hesitated thinking that also this new person we will do the same as this other she or he did 20 years ago…! It's amazing how we harm ourselves in our intent to stop other people from hurting us... we just do the opposite.
Here's how instead to enjoy what we have now ... we have come to live in the past, and if for some reason we have any argument with our partner or family member (near or far)we  tend to bring back all "damage " they did to us, on its  very name says it is past… and that's where it belongs, the past is gone and you will never,  ever going to change or  to reinvent what we did at that time, if you look  what you're doing  is best for you  now, maybe in a few years when you look back and see that it was not, but there is nothing you have to judge yourself. I've seen friends and some other people I have  known (and also myself at times that I forget to be present) that we go back to repeat past experiences and we swear will be more careful now, that we will not "hook" by  such thing and  here we are again,  making the same mistake over and over again ... or just decided that for a bad past experience we close our hearts to love, there is nothing worse than this, because you're not closing the love of someone else ... you're only closing  love to yourself.

It's not fair to blame others for what happened to us  years ago, or be lacerating them with claims that have nothing to do with them and fro something that happened many years ago, if you already  decided to give him/her another chance  then leave the past behind and focus on your present, if it was a job that did wrong, or someone you wronged, apologize and move on, what happened, whatever it is, it is gone, there's no way to change it,  be better today, and let go of the past, and if you decide to ask for forgiveness, then sincerely forgive and forget, but mostly forgive yourself, stop harming yourself, because in the end the only one who lives unhappy, bitter and sometimes without friends or without love is… YOU!!
Live your present, love your present, bless your present, which was, was ..end of it…release and let go of the heavy burden you carry on your shoulders  and decide to be happy.

"Light reaches even the darkest corner" (me)

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