Friday, March 21, 2014

The Greatest Lesson of my Life

When I picked up the phone I never expected to hear what I heard, just shook me off I was at work… my other sister called me she was different and then I asked what was wrong.

She said Olga has Cancer… you see and hear other people stories and you feel that is never going to happen in your family or in your life, but it happened I was there standing up listening like it was a bad dream.

She gave me the  greatest lesson of my life in faith and strength… I was thousands of miles away from her, but in my heart she was right there in front of me… she has two sons and  her husband.

The two sons new the problem, she needed to be checked out and do all the tests that are required in this situation and obviously the money you have to spend on doctors and hospital because she hadn’t health insurance.

They didn’t help her… my nephews refused to give a cent for the medicals… she had no money… all family members cooperate with something, but wasn’t enough, she said “don’t worry, God is always here with me, I will pray and everything is going to be alright… I am not going to die… not if it's not my time yet, this is only a lesson for me to grow”

I struggle with my faith sometimes, but when I saw her courage and that strong, unshakable belief that everything was okay… I couldn’t resist and look at myself and feel how wrong I was when I criticized her in the past because of her way to see God and her Religion.

Then all took shape and started happening in marvelous ways, incredible ways… a nurse from her church took her for the first tests, all of a sudden a young Doctor that was working at the hospital asked her what the problem was… she said my doctor discover several small balls under my right arm sent me to do the test and it came positive.

I am in the first stage so can be cured, but I have no money for the surgery… young Doctor said don’t worry mama you’ll be okay, come back tomorrow and look for me.
The nurse and this young Doctor contacted a very experienced expensive surgeon, which specialize in this kind of Cancer, he agreed to operate and do everything for free..!

Next day when Olga went again to see him, they had this great news… she cried and fell on her knees… God answered her prayers, the only thing she spent some money were the bus tickets because his hospital is like maybe five or six hours away from where she lives.

No one in my family couldn’t understand the strength of her faith, she was like a rock standing up, serene, calming down my mother, when someone talked about it in a negative way she used to say… no… I don’t take it  the disease is a lie, is an illusion.

What a great lesson to me, what an awesome way for God to demonstrate his Power but didn’t end there… like I said before, my nephews completely refused to give any help at all… but help came from somewhere Higher than them, people at church did some stuff to get money and they put together more money than they expected.

She had more than enough money to pay for the hotel, tickets, food, and everything she needed before and after the surgery.

Do I need to say more? Do I need more to believe there is a Higher Power that works for us when we call it? Will I keep struggling with my faith after all this? The  answer is no… I am  not… every time she comes home and I see her I see the Power of Belief right in front of me.

She is completely cured, and  her gratitude and mine also will go until the last day of my physical life… God bless all the women that have gone through it and my most sincere admiration..!!

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