Thursday, April 4, 2013

Law of Attraction Why Sometimes Does not Work?

This time I want to talk about  The Law of Attraction…a lot of people talk about it, and a lot of people is using it, but for the majority it just not work!

That was my case, I read about the Law of Attraction way before the book came out, and by the way I haven’t read that book I don’t find it useful at least not for me, when we try and try affirmations, denials, writing on a piece of paper, and you don’t see a manifestation, that means only one thing, and one thing only…you have to clean the house! Yes… your inner house…you have to clean your mind of negative beliefs, negative programs that our parents, family, friends, etc., etc., put in our “chip” since the beginning of our lives…meaning when we were kids or even so when we still were in the womb.

A long time ago  a friend and I discussed over the Law of Attraction and how it works I told her about my doubts and fall downs with it, and then she asked me if I had done any forgiveness work and obviously I said yes…of course I have done it! Then she asked again, have you forgiven your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, and she kept on going until she stopped in my dog!

Well I said I don’t think that has anything to do with the fact that Law of Attraction is not working for me…In a moment of clarity I saw everything clear as water…I was sabotaging myself, in the back of mind my Ego self was telling me that I didn’t deserve those things I was asking for.

Or if for some reason I could attract something it didn’t last long enough I lost it one way or another…I was doing my work trying to attract a partner and only brought into  my life people that hurt me or down the road betrayed me…and at the end of the day I was alone again. When one go and look for help, you find all those gurus that charge a lot of money to tell you to use (like I said before) affirmations, denials, etc., I am not saying that they are bad…no not at all,they are very helpful, problem is they charge a lot of money to tell you that you need to change, that you need to work more on yourself, so you end up doing the job all by yourself, Spiritual Journey its a solitary road, usually we need to go deeper than that…when I had a problem with money I start doing affirmations about money and I lost my wallet,  people that owed me  didn’t pay me, point is it wasn’t about the money  was my resistance to allow it in my life, coming from middle class,  used to the struggle and suffering for money it was hard for me to keep it because that was the programming in my subconscious mind. Not less, not more just that.

How did I get rid of it? No, you can’t get rid of it so easy,  it depends on how deep it is rooted in you…I am still working as you might know our Ego self is always trying to sabotage us in our Journey so I Do my forgiveness work every day and the use of EFT (I really like Brad Yates He has lots of videos on YouTube for free!) 

When doing forgiveness a lot of stuff from my past came up. But not enough though…so I bumped into EFT and a lot more came out! As of today I mix Faster EFT with regular EFT and also I am mixing it with theta music and it’s doing wonders in my programming.

As you can see the Spiritual Journey for some of us it is not so easy             

I see you next time...God Bless You.

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