Saturday, April 6, 2013

Negativity the Killer of Your Dreams

How many times you have a dream or an idea jumping around in your head, and you feel optimistic and great because it’s a great idea, if you put it into work could make you rich, but you go to your best friend, your father, mother , sister , brother, etc. and they decide and tell you, that is crazy you only going to lose money, to stop dreaming and get a real job, then you also decide to believe what they say it is true!

The end of your dream, the end of your idea, and the end of possible thousands of dollars! But most important you allowed the negativity of others to kill your dreams.
What negativity does to you…negativity is a really bad energy hanging around more than anything else is like a black cloud on top of the head of most people, it’s easy to get caught into it…people complaining every single day about everything, you never hear from them a blessing or a thank you, nothing is never enough, so what to do to not allow them to contaminate you? Well that’s a good point and sometimes it’s not that easy when the negativity comes from people close to you like your family, or close friends.

One of my biggest struggles in my Spiritual Journey is has been Negativity, from the people close to me, but I have taken it as an inner work, it’s been hard work because they push your buttons so easily! That’s where the work is…to get rid of negative people around you…you have to start cleaning from yourself…we attract what is inside us…if there is a need for this kind of people in our lives well we attract them!
But what about your family you might ask…well they are here to help you grow spiritually to make you stronger, why or how? Raising over to what they say or think, giving thanks to their opinions but not really listening to it, if its good feedback take it if not then discharge it…I know sometimes we are so happy we can’t keep our mouth shot and go and spread the news around to whoever wants to listen to our great idea or dream…DO NOT say it unless that person is going to do good to you, unless that person will be of some help with your plans now or little later down the road, keep it in your mind, visualize it in your mind, enjoy it like is already materialized.

Don’t allow your Ego Self to tell you that is not going to work, that is not possible, everything is possible unless you decide It is not, you are the driver in the carriage of your life, have faith in that Higher Power, trust your intuition, your heart never lies to you, be positive, yes I know  all this  stuff sounds like blah, blah, blah to your hears (so in mine too) I repeat this to myself every day and every second, to re-program mi mind but what happens when everything goes great and all of the sudden appears one of those black clouds and ruin, destroy and vanish the whole day only with one word, that could mean a lot of things, but to me means I am not strong enough in my faith, I haven’t built a very strong protective shield against energetic vampires, and believe me they are everywhere, sometimes WE are the vampires when allow our vibration to be on the floor…  remember: Negativity coming from people or even worse coming from yourself is the KILLER OF YOUR DREAMS.

God Bless You

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