Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Live From Within

Ying-yang spirituality manadala
To live your life from within you don’t need to go to Tibet, or to a Monastery, you just need to believe that the Temple of God is already within yourself, you have to trust that the Key to your happiness is already in your hands.

How to Live life from within That’s a question a person trying to find their Purpose in life have asked many times, how do I do to live my life from within as all Spiritual and New Age gurus say, go to the Silence and wait.

You know in my experience I have found some useful books, but none of them was close enough to what the real work is… Until I read A Course in Miracles did it for the whole year as the workbook says and then I understood why going  to the Silence as Deepak Chopra says “whatever question you might have… Go to the Silence” was the key

And yes, I now agree completely with him, there is no other way to Live Your Life From Within but through the Silence… at the beginning, it seems that you’ll never go to make it, everything looks to work against it, even a fly can come and land on your nose giving you those annoying tickles.

On the other hand, as well as going into the silence and getting in touch with your inner guidance or The Holy Spirit as A Course in Miracles says you have to Practice Forgiveness in order to be free from the baggage one has carried since the beginning of times, or at least the one we carry from our childhood which already is more than enough!

We have to practice Love but not the illusion of love that all of us nowadays know. No, we are talking real Unconditional Love here, to see and treat others as well as you treat yourself, realize that the Universal Power is within you, not outside, take responsibility for your own mistakes, do not blame others.

No one is to blame for the mistakes we’ve made or will make, to live your life from within, you must forgive and love yourself, accepting that you are a Perfect Child of God. I am sounding now as those real gurus…!!
Seriously… we have to accept who we really are and in order to achieve it, we must go to the silence at least once a day, it doesn’t matter how long you can afford to stay quiet… just do it!!

If it is only five minutes to begin with, that’s fine you will be better as time goes by….don’t give up it took me a few years to get used to 30 minute meditation and still sometimes flies and mosquitoes bother me when in it…!!
I am not saying is going to be easy, but it is worth to try…

Light reaches even the darkest corner.

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