Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Anger and Forgiveness

 The Anger we all have Within Us and How to Forgive it.
This emotion  comes from within and is like fuel waiting to be ignited by anyone , making life appear like hell on earth, sometimes it's not easy to control it, and leads to more and more until gets to the top and you have to look for help. 

Looking at it from Spiritual , Metaphysical, or New Age point of view there is nothing more, that the Anger at yourself reflecting back to you, those who make you mad are not the real problem, the real problem is coming from within, you are upset and all the Anger comes when a person "push my buttons" I found this article (which is very good) I thought would be a good idea to include it in this post Channelise Your Anger  

We all can manage our emotions, the best way is to let them be, when trying to control it, it gets worse instead of extinguish the fire its like adding fuel to it. This emotion can destroy you and everyone else around you.

As you might know every person in our lives is a reflection of our deepest emotions, like a mirror were one can see those things that one tries to hide, the result is we see it in other people and we judge, criticize,condemn and get really upset because of their behavior, when they are innocents doing the job God send them to do: Reflect your negative emotions back to you and make you grow.

I learned to let go of my own Emotional Poison through Forgiveness, forgiving my whole family, friends, co-workers, forgiving my mistakes and taking full responsibility of my life.

Still sometimes it gets me off guard but its not the same, you know the Ego Self looks for ways to manipulate us, to sabotage our advances it depends on you if you allow it or not.

Be happy, be free, breath before speaking.

Blessings to all

“Light reaches even the darkest corner”

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