Friday, April 12, 2013

How I Overcome my Fear To Leave my Job

How to Overcome Your Fears with your Desire, is exactly what you are reading, only the Power of Your Desire can make your fears to fade away through Faith and Intention

Faith is going to give us whatever we ask for, it’s going to take us as high as we can possibly imagine. Faith is that what you can’t see, but you know is there, the trust that you are going to get it, you don’t know how but you will, knowing a Higher Power is working for you behind the scenes.

Fear, our biggest enemy, the worst nightmare for us humans, it takes so little to fall into its claws, so little to miss the point, to get lost and with that little, insignificant second that you had and felt the fear about what you were planning or dreaming,  it is gone… just like that… in a blink of an eye your dream is gone!

Fear is the most Powerful, negative emotion, sometimes in a situation of life and death… we can get out because fear makes us do things that usually we won’t do or imagine we could, but on the other hand, we just simply get killed because of the fear didn’t allow us to do anything, at least to run away, no… we stay where we are and receive whatever is coming to us… fear just don’t let us move.

I had a really bad job a few years ago, I used to blame everything and everyone but myself, my boss was that kind a person that her home is her office, nothing was good enough for her, and I wanted to leave, I wanted to turn around and  just go home and never come back ever!! I most say my boss wasn't a bad person she helped me a lot the problem was me, she was reflecting back to me my state of mind,  at that time I lost my sense of humor... 

But… always there is a “but” for us when we are so afraid to move on… to move out of our comfort zone. I was so afraid to quit, my heart said “go ahead do it…you can be whatever you want it to be “I wanted to have my own business but my fear to not be good enough or because of the economy, or because I wouldn’t survive or because of the money wouldn’t be enough and I had to pay the rent, the bills and so on…I stayed there in the same job for 3 more years!! 

Can you imagine listening to people complaining like me, people  wanting to quit like me, people hating the boss and the job just like me and this was every day!!. My heart didn’t stop talking to me into new things it used to say “Have Faith “

     One day  after an episode with my boss, I went home angry, frustrated, sad, disappointed, but all these feelings were at myself  why, you might ask, because I had all this Spiritual knowledge from years, I knew about the Law of Attraction and still was making the same mistakes, ruining  my life because of  FEAR 

 That day at home I closed my eyes I talked to the Holy Spirit and Surrendered the whole situation to Him… later like a zombie I  went upstairs to my friend’s office and I wrote my letter of Resignation… it felt so good, so free I didn’t know exactly what road my life was going to take I only knew what my heart kept saying “ Have Faith “ when leaving the building where I work at for many years, I felt the wind on my face, the warm  breeze of summer I was happy so happy finally closing a chapter in my life, got in the car I didn’t look back, I am grateful for the time I worked there, for the lessons I’ve learned but that’s it no looking back, is the past and stays there…

Maybe you wonder what I did after that, well, let me tell you, I took time off I needed it, I was too stressed out, I fixed my life.

So now I am here talking to you about my Spiritual Troubles or Struggles if you prefer… have Faith, don’t allow your Fears to take control over you, I know better than anyone that we fall in the temptation of negativity, that we miss the Purpose of our lives many times, but there is this Higher Power within each of us that guide us, the only thing you need to overcome your Fears is Faith and Trust in this Power.

“Light reaches even the darkest corner”


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