Thursday, April 25, 2013

Change Your Life Through Laughter

Baby Laughing photo by jaaron
We can change our life using laughter as a Therapy, laugh makes you feel lighter, renewed, and is also good to relieve stress… is great to use when you are in trouble with your partner make a joke at that moment and tension disappears.

It is good for your health some studies have shown the importance of laughter in our lives. We spend a lot of time being bitter and ugly, letting other people to kill our sense of humor.
It’s sad to see the sour faces everywhere, even children..! We are passing it to our kids, yes, we are passing the bitterness, the sourness and all the stress to them.

We have to become like children, allow yourself to enjoy life as only a kid can do it, laugh, laugh, it’s the best medicine, you can change your life through laughter now.
Reading about Laughter Therapy I found this article about how can help to assist in Cancer Treatment Research Supports Laughter Therapy it is very interesting how this process works.

Laughter can also be used as an important part of Spiritual Growth, makes you feel at peace, when you laugh at your problems or the Illusion we have about what we call problems, these become less important, you just let go.

Sometimes I laugh at myself, being too worried about daily life I get stuck, stressed out, almost pulling my hair out, then looking myself in the mirror I see this distorted image and I suddenly laugh…!!!
Knowing that the person in the mirror is not me, is someone else, right now some old guy came to knock on my door, I got up and went to open… there he was making noise with a flute it was only noise not music at all…!!!

I got upset because he distracted me from what I was doing, I gave him some money and he left… then I realized the anger, the bitterness and how my emotions changed right there.
So what I did?  I laughed… and the emotional poison disappeared… maybe that was Spirit sending me a lesson to share with you… might be.

Be happy… laugh as much as you can, no one is responsible for your life but yourself… laughter does not change only your life but the lives of others around you.
This physical life is too short to live it in the darkness... Light it up with humor…!!

The economy? My God the economy, it has been the same since I recall… my mother telling me what to do and wanting to control my life? Well, that is since the beginning of my life… these are only excuses for us to not be happy.

Laugh and change your life now.

Light reaches even the darkest corner.

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