Thursday, April 25, 2013

Change Your Life Through Laughter

Baby Laughing photo by jaaron
We can change our life using laughter as a Therapy, laugh makes you feel lighter, renewed, and is also good to relieve stress… is great to use when you are in trouble with your partner make a joke at that moment and tension disappears.

It is good for your health some studies have shown the importance of laughter in our lives. We spend a lot of time being bitter and ugly, letting other people to kill our sense of humor.
It’s sad to see the sour faces everywhere, even children..! We are passing it to our kids, yes, we are passing the bitterness, the sourness and all the stress to them.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Live From Within

Ying-yang spirituality manadala
To live your life from within you don’t need to go to Tibet, or to a Monastery, you just need to believe that the Temple of God is already within yourself, you have to trust that the Key to your happiness is already in your hands.

How to Live life from within That’s a question a person trying to find their Purpose in life have asked many times, how do I do to live my life from within as all Spiritual and New Age gurus say, go to the Silence and wait.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Money and Our Resistance to it

Money, hundred dollar bills
Have you ever asked why the more you want Money, the more stays away from you? For no reason it seems that no matter what you do, no matter how hard you work, it is never enough, just don’t know how  make it through the week, until next paycheck.

Well, this is because we have made a huge Resistance to it, yes, that’s rightso the more we resist it, the hardest to get, but why?  You might ask is this happening, all this is because the way we were raised up, the way you think and see money is the way this one would flow into your life.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Explosions in Boston MA

Innocent People Paying for the Wrongs of Politicians

What a shame what just happened in Boston yesterday, it is not a game when involves children and more Innocent people just happened to be there at the wrong time and the wrong place. I might say the United States has been exposed since long time ago. Why… because of their fear.

Yes…Fears, they have fed from it since always, we all know that what we fear the most, is exactly what we are attracting, I watch the news and the only thing I see and hear is Fear, fear from everything and Politicians have been playing an important role in this movie, to gain followers or fans or whatever you want to call it, they play with people’s fear, and the distance between one another is getting bigger and bigger every day.
Hate is the all day long plate serve in the news, Politicians speaking about changes, rules and a lot of trash, that in my personal opinion, only makes it grow out of proportion.

As an Spiritual person I disagree in this acts of Violence, this is not the way to get things done, nothing is going to change if people don’t change the way we were programmed, paying back with hate is no going to fix the problem, I don’t think Americans need more attacks…how many times we watch on television how they kill each other at schools.
No… what people need is to stop creating in their minds that they are going to be under attack, that somebody is going to come from X or Y country to kill them…we don’t need no more fear because in every country of this world we have our own dose of it…sometimes I imagine how would it look all our negative emotions around the globe if we could take a picture?

Killing each other it’s not going to make the world a better place to live…there are no justified reasons for violence, anger or hate.
My condolences to Americans and my Prayers for the families affected.

Friday, April 12, 2013

How I Overcome my Fear To Leave my Job

How to Overcome Your Fears with your Desire, is exactly what you are reading, only the Power of Your Desire can make your fears to fade away through Faith and Intention

Faith is going to give us whatever we ask for, it’s going to take us as high as we can possibly imagine. Faith is that what you can’t see, but you know is there, the trust that you are going to get it, you don’t know how but you will, knowing a Higher Power is working for you behind the scenes.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Anger and Forgiveness

 The Anger we all have Within Us and How to Forgive it.
This emotion  comes from within and is like fuel waiting to be ignited by anyone , making life appear like hell on earth, sometimes it's not easy to control it, and leads to more and more until gets to the top and you have to look for help. 

Looking at it from Spiritual , Metaphysical, or New Age point of view there is nothing more, that the Anger at yourself reflecting back to you, those who make you mad are not the real problem, the real problem is coming from within, you are upset and all the Anger comes when a person "push my buttons" I found this article (which is very good) I thought would be a good idea to include it in this post Channelise Your Anger  

We all can manage our emotions, the best way is to let them be, when trying to control it, it gets worse instead of extinguish the fire its like adding fuel to it. This emotion can destroy you and everyone else around you.

As you might know every person in our lives is a reflection of our deepest emotions, like a mirror were one can see those things that one tries to hide, the result is we see it in other people and we judge, criticize,condemn and get really upset because of their behavior, when they are innocents doing the job God send them to do: Reflect your negative emotions back to you and make you grow.

I learned to let go of my own Emotional Poison through Forgiveness, forgiving my whole family, friends, co-workers, forgiving my mistakes and taking full responsibility of my life.

Still sometimes it gets me off guard but its not the same, you know the Ego Self looks for ways to manipulate us, to sabotage our advances it depends on you if you allow it or not.

Be happy, be free, breath before speaking.

Blessings to all

“Light reaches even the darkest corner”

Monday, April 8, 2013

Chasing Love

Chasing Love and Why we Become Obsessive with it

Well I chased for love more than I’d like to admit… I remember the first time the book The Mastery of Love came into my hands, was exactly the right timing, I was going through bad times in a relationship ( once more ) didn’t know what to do, tell me who hasn’t gone through those feelings of desperation, anxiety, obsession, suffering, sleep deprivation after a break up? I was really, really bad, and alone, and asking why all these events in my life were like a horror movie that keeps rewinding, so as I was saying this book came along and I discover all the Negative Programs still in my mind. 

So  I read the whole Mastery of Love…I read it againand then I stopped in this paragraph that turned the light on in my headIn the same way, we become masters of jealousy, masters of sadness, masters of self-rejection. All of our drama and suffering is by practice. We make an agreement with ourselves, and we practice that agreement until it becomes a whole mastery."  I sadly discover I had made an agreement with self-rejection…!

Didn’t finish there after knowing all this and accepted it…I fell again for the wrong guy…! That was it…no more I said, my life is a nightmare, no one person can live like me, I was trying to force him into loving me, he was a jerk, but because I was so spiritual and such a good person I put up with every humiliation, the Verbal Abuse, his rejection was total but I did not want  to see it, I was desperately in need for love.

The reality is we all look for an Illusion of Love, we look to imprison the person that is the object of our "love", at the beginning everything is nice and pretty but when time passes by and we've to change this significant other, and she or he didn't do or behaved the way we wanted...the magic disappears he or she is not the right person anymore. Although we know deep inside something is wrong we become obsessive with Love and there we go again to the Chase for Love to the point where it becomes almost a nightmare...yes we become obsessive trying to find it where is not...

Stop chasing Illusions, learn to connect with your Higher Self, close your eyes and look within there you'll find all you need,  its a lie programmed in our minds that we need a person to be complete and to love us, all the love we need is already in you. Make the agreement to be happy, make a Love Agreement,  become a Master of Love...!!!

“Light reaches even the darkest corner”

How the Past Affects Our Present

We've all heard that  “the past we have to let it go" ... and that would be great if it only  were that easy, but I will say that for some people it is ...! I'll tell you that for me it has been so, we know that there are times when we hear a song and we're going back with memories, and if  those memories were good would be nice but... generally are not.

We all tend to remember only the bad that has happened in our lives, that is printed on us more easily than positive events, pleasant moments, those are the ones we should remember, but we like to self-flagellate, self-destroy again and again, as if it was not enough with what we already lived in that moment when the situation really happened. Especially when it comes to love relationships that did not end well, and attract someone new into our lives and we had hesitated thinking that also this new person we will do the same as this other she or he did 20 years ago…! It's amazing how we harm ourselves in our intent to stop other people from hurting us... we just do the opposite.
Here's how instead to enjoy what we have now ... we have come to live in the past, and if for some reason we have any argument with our partner or family member (near or far)we  tend to bring back all "damage " they did to us, on its  very name says it is past… and that's where it belongs, the past is gone and you will never,  ever going to change or  to reinvent what we did at that time, if you look  what you're doing  is best for you  now, maybe in a few years when you look back and see that it was not, but there is nothing you have to judge yourself. I've seen friends and some other people I have  known (and also myself at times that I forget to be present) that we go back to repeat past experiences and we swear will be more careful now, that we will not "hook" by  such thing and  here we are again,  making the same mistake over and over again ... or just decided that for a bad past experience we close our hearts to love, there is nothing worse than this, because you're not closing the love of someone else ... you're only closing  love to yourself.

It's not fair to blame others for what happened to us  years ago, or be lacerating them with claims that have nothing to do with them and fro something that happened many years ago, if you already  decided to give him/her another chance  then leave the past behind and focus on your present, if it was a job that did wrong, or someone you wronged, apologize and move on, what happened, whatever it is, it is gone, there's no way to change it,  be better today, and let go of the past, and if you decide to ask for forgiveness, then sincerely forgive and forget, but mostly forgive yourself, stop harming yourself, because in the end the only one who lives unhappy, bitter and sometimes without friends or without love is… YOU!!
Live your present, love your present, bless your present, which was, was ..end of it…release and let go of the heavy burden you carry on your shoulders  and decide to be happy.

"Light reaches even the darkest corner" (me)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Negativity the Killer of Your Dreams

How many times you have a dream or an idea jumping around in your head, and you feel optimistic and great because it’s a great idea, if you put it into work could make you rich, but you go to your best friend, your father, mother , sister , brother, etc. and they decide and tell you, that is crazy you only going to lose money, to stop dreaming and get a real job, then you also decide to believe what they say it is true!

The end of your dream, the end of your idea, and the end of possible thousands of dollars! But most important you allowed the negativity of others to kill your dreams.
What negativity does to you…negativity is a really bad energy hanging around more than anything else is like a black cloud on top of the head of most people, it’s easy to get caught into it…people complaining every single day about everything, you never hear from them a blessing or a thank you, nothing is never enough, so what to do to not allow them to contaminate you? Well that’s a good point and sometimes it’s not that easy when the negativity comes from people close to you like your family, or close friends.

One of my biggest struggles in my Spiritual Journey is has been Negativity, from the people close to me, but I have taken it as an inner work, it’s been hard work because they push your buttons so easily! That’s where the work is…to get rid of negative people around you…you have to start cleaning from yourself…we attract what is inside us…if there is a need for this kind of people in our lives well we attract them!
But what about your family you might ask…well they are here to help you grow spiritually to make you stronger, why or how? Raising over to what they say or think, giving thanks to their opinions but not really listening to it, if its good feedback take it if not then discharge it…I know sometimes we are so happy we can’t keep our mouth shot and go and spread the news around to whoever wants to listen to our great idea or dream…DO NOT say it unless that person is going to do good to you, unless that person will be of some help with your plans now or little later down the road, keep it in your mind, visualize it in your mind, enjoy it like is already materialized.

Don’t allow your Ego Self to tell you that is not going to work, that is not possible, everything is possible unless you decide It is not, you are the driver in the carriage of your life, have faith in that Higher Power, trust your intuition, your heart never lies to you, be positive, yes I know  all this  stuff sounds like blah, blah, blah to your hears (so in mine too) I repeat this to myself every day and every second, to re-program mi mind but what happens when everything goes great and all of the sudden appears one of those black clouds and ruin, destroy and vanish the whole day only with one word, that could mean a lot of things, but to me means I am not strong enough in my faith, I haven’t built a very strong protective shield against energetic vampires, and believe me they are everywhere, sometimes WE are the vampires when allow our vibration to be on the floor…  remember: Negativity coming from people or even worse coming from yourself is the KILLER OF YOUR DREAMS.

God Bless You