Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How can I be Spiritual without feeling selfish?

thoughtful girl

How can I be spiritual without feeling selfish is something I have felt for a long time in the past it is like a shadow over your head it is a feeling of doing wrong or not being good enough because a spiritual person has to be good..!

How can I be Spiritual if I feel guilty?

In my quest for Spiritual Growth, I have encountered many of these situations where my heart tells me to do something I feel right and later on my mind recriminates me for doing it and it doesn't end there it keeps going on and on if you allow it can happen for years. My spiritual troubles are with faith maybe my faith is not big enough, maybe like the bible says with a faith of the size of grain marvelous things can happen but how can I not feel selfish when asking God for something?

Should I follow the herd?

Spiritual teachers say ask and focus on what you want, but if I ask it means there is a need to fulfill when we are supposed to already have everything… so then again how can I be spiritual without feeling selfish?  Should I follow the herd and not to pay attention to what my heart tells me? God knows already what you want, but He always gives you what you need at the moment, so why then bother with asking for something that it is not coming the way you wanted it? That leaves me with the answer of A Course in Miracles “Do Nothing” people might say “you have no dreams” “what music would you like to play” we all look for money, love, health or happiness because there are many people out there telling you to, maybe my spiritual troubles have caused me a lot of trouble…!! Following the herd is not the answer learn how to live without guilt and blame be free.

What is the right question to ask?

The right question to ask when you think how can I be spiritual without feeling selfish?  Would Be: Father show me the  way to do this you know better than I do what my Divine Purpose is take my hand and guide me” and then Do Nothing only listen to your heart and wait trusting the right answer will come, but not from where you expect it to come so don’t waste time trying to imagine how it will happen only trust that it will, looking for Spiritual Growth always comes with a reward from I least expect it.

In Conclusion

I must say the Ego always plays games with us feeling selfish is one of its traps to keep you stuck in the past or in the game of guilt stop the vicious circle by stepping out of it… .Now when you ask again HOW CAN I BE SPIRITUAL WITHOUT FEELING SELFISH? Remember, you cannot be selfish when what you are and have come from the Divine Presence within you…

God bless you all.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to live without Guilt and Blame

Photo by Waiting for the word flickr
Reading my favorite book “A course in miracles” I stopped at chapter 13 where it talks about guiltlessness and invulnerability then I Thought How to live without guilt and blame in a world full of it? Doing what the Holy Spirit tells you to.

How to  live without Guilt?

According to Holy Spirit the son of God (us) has never sinned, we are the ones giving the Ego all our power how can we see what we really are if our whole life it has been full of guilt because  of the sins of our past? The past does not exist and then how can you be guilty? For us to learn how to live without guilt and blame have to believe that we are the Son of God, stop feeling guilty for what you think you’ve done and that you’ll be or must be punished for it that’s the Ego’s idea not God’s idea.

What makes us to blame?

We were taught to blame ourselves and others since early childhood, so How to live without guilt and blame now that we are adults? The guilt for our “sins” it's what makes you blame, blame your life, friends, family, wife, pet, etc.,… there is no limit for blaming when you don’t have the courage to stop following and listening to your Ego’s voice which is the one telling you all that bunch of lies about who you are, the Ego teaches you to attack yourself by feeling guilt but if you recognize that there is no reason to feel this way because time does not exist so then the past is gone

The Ego’s voice is always telling you lies and showing you a world of illusion as guilt and blame are, you are so used to give all your power to the Ego that you really believe what you see as your “reality” and thinking about yourself as Pure, Holy and Powerful is unbelievable to you… why? Because you live in the darkness of your Ego Mind. The Ego is not another thing, but the part of your mind that believes is separated from the rest.


Give your troubles to the Holy Spirit for a good reason God gave Him to us it is easier to rely on Him than to try to fix them by yourself, leave the past behind do not attack yourself anymore, learn how to live without guilt and blame and the best teacher for it is the Holy Spirit who is there always waiting to be called, see that you are already the Perfect loving Child of God… is this too hard to accept? Why?

This post, it is based on the book A Course in Miracles

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why people worship Buddha

Why  people worship Buddha for luck? This is a question I always had in my mind I myself used to rub its belly in the believe that would bring me luck…. Money to be sincere. This time I want to talk about Buddha next time I will go with religions worshiping idols, but that will be in the next post.

People worship Buddha

A lot of people do, believing that doing so their luck will change and it does if you really focus on what you want, but here comes the “but” it is not because of the image or idol you have worshiped but because of the faith you have in it. You can take a rock and put on an altar worship it, have faith in it and voila!! Your request will be fulfilled.

Humans need to believe in something

Humans need to believe in something outside themselves its easier to ask for money to a deity outside than a look and make changes within yourself. Buddha didn’t say to people worship me and I will give you wealth that was a man's creation I remember several years ago I used to have a little Buddha in a silver platter with three red apples to bring me money and sales in my business I also used to pray to it… back then I was Catholic…!! Can you see how false I was? I prayed for money to one who did not believe in prayer to an idol… how funny.

But why Buddha?

Because in our society money has become the main necessity and Buddha figure is use a lot to bring wealth… In Feng Shui Buddha figures are used  to move energies, attract money (again), happiness, health or love the problem is not whether you worship or use as an idol or not but why? Why you keep looking outside yourself when the same Siddharta Gautama the Buddha taught to go into the silence and find the balance within yourself then you will find abundance.

I am not saying here that asking for money is bad, not at all what I’m saying is why  to ask to a Buddha idol for what you want instead learn the Buddha way to balance your life and start creating what you really want from a different perspective.

Why  people worship Buddha? Well, like I said before, it's easier and safer to keep yourself in a comfort zone where you don’t question anything, just doing what everyone else does than getting yourself out of the box, look and find the Buddha that lies within you living the life you are supposed to live: full and complete in yourself.  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beauty Is Not in the Body

Photo by Frank Kovalchek
Today I had the chance to see how hard we judge ourselves you are blessed with beauty and style, but no matter what you see yourself as an ugly clown.

When you feel and see yourself in that way, then you become defensive and feel also attacked when somebody say something about your hair or your body or whatever else it really doesn’t matter because is all in your mind…!!!

 You are not comfortable with who you are but also means NOTHING can make you happy because you don’t know how to be happy with yourself…!!

The body is only an equipment for us to communicate some of us were blessed having beauty some of us didn’t but either way you can be the beast in the outside but have a magnificent divine loving heart in the inside.
Girl with beauty mask,  face treatment

There is magic in this world of course there is but we have to learn to see it there are beauty everywhere, but we have to stop and see it this miracle starts happening when you discover the magic of loving yourself.

This made me to remember a long time ago when I used to walk on the street and timidly take a look over my shoulder to the image on the glass windows and didn’t like what I saw fortunately my case wasn’t that severe because I could change my mind.

It is crazy how you want to change what you are, you spend lots of money trying to change your hair, your nose, your breasts, your butt everything…! Becoming someone you are not… you can even check on a picture the before and the after.

What I am trying to say is if you don’t perceive yourself beautiful then no one else would the beauty is not in the body, even though in our society “ugly” people, it’s been rejected and laugh at only because is not as pretty as “it should be”.

Yes, every time I walk through a mirror, I look at my reflection and say to her “you have to start working out again, food its delicious, but your health is also important” and I smile I accept the fact that I have eaten more junk food lately than I should be but I have stopped blaming or feeling guilty.

Your body is the temple in which your Divinity lives so you have to take care of it, I agree, but not to the point where body its everything. Nowadays, what you watch on television all the time is skinny girls and if you are not like them then you are fat and ugly.

Do not forget we are a Spirit having a Physical experience not the other way around… so now let me ask you…

How do you see yourself? As a unique, amazing diamond? Or as  ugly as the hunchback of Notre Dame? And though he had the beauty in his heart..!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Unconditional Love or Conditional Illusion

Wedding, cartoon of couple in love
I am in love, but… Is this feeling Unconditional love or a Conditional Illusion? How do I know which one it is? As much as you think is hard to know… let me tell you it is not.

When you love unconditionally, you allow the other person to be free to be and do what He or She wants without attachments letting them go and inside you there is this unbelievable happiness because you are doing the right thing.

How do I know is Unconditional Love?

Not feeling hurt or left behind not being upset or resentful against them, having enough with the joy of seeing their dreams fulfilled as if they were your own. Opening your arms and loose the knots loose the ties and let  your Self be.

But on the opposite side when you only live one of those conditional illusions of love, then release and let go its like an excruciating pain, your heart seems to stop working only by the thought of your partner leaving.
I have had my own dose of Illusion myself, I thought I knew better I had healed my wounds, but surprise I just had a lesson on it…!

Your Ego Self makes you think that you are already an expert in love relationships, but true is you don’t until the test comes and you… failed…!!!

I wish I could time travel and change things and fix past mistakes, but I can’t the only thing I Can do is to bless him. I have read in many books that our relationships are like mirrors that reflect back to you what needs work in your life I totally AGREE…!!!

When you live an Illusion of love if everything goes your way it’s the ultimate happiness, but there is this thin line between both conditional and unconditional, its like you crossed it in your sleep, then the circus start jealousy, lies, doubts, fear of losing him or her your life changes in a blink of an eye.

What am I doing? Why am I acting this way? Don't you suppose to be in control over this? I am a spiritual person…!!! Where is everything I have learned about it? Why I let my Ego  take control and didn’t even notice it? I was too busy trying to keep a good relationship that I messed it all up…!

How many of us have done this? Maybe more than we want to admit so I ask again… are you living an Unconditional love story or one of Conditional Illusion?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What Window am I Seeing Through

Seeing through the window
 I wasn’t in a good mood, with a huge headache from lack of sleep, went outside to the front yard and laid down on a bench, kept looking up to the sky, clouds passing through, nice breeze blowing my hair and so the tree branches and leaves a plane crossed the sky, leaving its white wake behind, a dove making its nest on my neighbor’s antenna… I smile and I thought what a beautiful scene, suddenly like waking up from a dream I thought to myself what a wonderful window I am seeing through…!

Headache? I didn’t remember I had it..! With such an amazing view who would have it? You have the choice, it is all yours, I stayed there for 20 more minutes just being one with that moment, no worries about anything or anyone just being.

Then the sky turned gray like a storm was coming, the wind was strong and the clouds looked heavy, the sun hid away, the smell of wet soil again stroked my nose, what a tasty smell I don’t know about you, but many times when a kid I had to taste it because the smell was so nice and my mouth watered...!!

What window Am I seeing through now?

 The view changed in just a blink of an eye you could see how fast nature changes  without asking me!!! Readjusting and refocusing my mind agreed this was also beautiful closing my eyes again kept enjoying being one with it.

My soul has found a place where to  be reborn where to recharge when the battery is almost running out of power… the bench outside in the front yard…!

There is no need to go the Tibet to find peace in your heart is already there where you least expect it, sometimes you spend thousands of dollars looking for a Spiritual Teacher to learn, hoping he or she can give you that awareness that evades you and every time you think is closer… surprise is gone like the movie “gone with the wind” at least it is what it has happened to me in the past.

Now here lying down in this old wooden bench I get to the truth is all about what window am I seeing though.

God Bless you all.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Freedom of My Soul

Feeling the freedom of walking in the rain
It's raining now and few days ago, it was very hot reaching the upper 40’s in Celsius, now like I said before is raining and weather is better its cool and fresh I went outside, my Ego started complaining about it, I closed my eyes when I opened them I realized how wonderful nature is and the freedom we all look for is right there in this precise moment…!

Not tomorrow, but today, I enjoyed the rain falling over my face, the lightning and thunder, the smell of wet trees and soil, that is freedom, that is what my soul wants what I have been looking for…!!
I had to rewind the movie of my life, then acknowledged beauty is how the world and people look through my eyes through our inner eyes.

I danced laughing in the rain, what a miracle is that, the happiness in my heart was so immense my soul dancing with the everlasting joy of freedom, real freedom.
We want to be free from attachments, from our daily lives, but we also don’t stop complaining instead of being grateful, soil needs water in order to grow trees and any kind of plants, trees need sunlight in order to be strong and healthy and we need all of them: trees, rain and sunlight…!! So then why we complain so much when is hot or when its raining or when trees are on the way?

Because we are very unhappy inside, walking in this world full of anger mixed with resentment, looking for an excuse to throw our trash on others, vitiating the environment, walking like those zombies in every TV channel you skip they have them.

 A marvelous beauty is around you, everywhere you go there is a miracle happening even with the family member who bothers you the most (like my nephewSmile) there is a miracle right there in front of you, it is your choice what you want to see.

Let your soul to be free and you will find peace and happiness, let your soul find freedom and you will see miracles in your life.
Live the moment, rejoice with your own company there is no need to stand in a bar full of strangers in order to have company… you have the best company you can get…. Your own.

Today I know words don’t exist to explain clearly and exactly how it feels in my heart the freedom of my soul.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Why God Has Forgotten Me

I don’t know about  you, but in my life  I used to ask this question several times a day… Why God has forgotten me? I was lost in the darkness of my Ego.

In the past, like everyone in this material world, I went through every bad experience that happened in my life with the thought of being alone, believing in one God or Supreme Being outside of myself, blaming and feeling guilty at the same time for falling again and again in the same situation.

We feel abandoned, betrayed and forgotten by God when in reality is us walking the path of separateness… the force that move us towards what we want or need is the force inside us waiting to be awaken completely to show itself as a wonderful, powerful yet humble energy that we are.

I myself wasted precious time looking up to the sky asking this question and I never got an answer… then I fell on my knees, crying, tearing my heart apart in desperation, wanting to see a sign in every person or condition I encounter even trying to hear His voice telling me the reason why He has forgotten about me… poor me…!!
Then nothing changed, nothing happened, my world kept going exactly as it was before, suffering and struggle, the struggle of letting go  of my old way of thinking became's a burden to me, a heavy weight over my shoulders, we want to see changes but we don’t want to move a finger to do so.

Many, not to say most people go the grave still asking why? Without knowing that the answer was right in their hearts. God never forgets, because it is right in your heart…!! Never goes or hides away because it is within you.

Instead of asking why God has forgotten me? Ask Why Have I  Forgotten Him? Why have I closed my ears to His voice? Why have I closed my eyes to His beauty? Then you realize who is the one away from the Source.

So now rethink the question and see how the answer comes to you. I know deep inside we all have a tremendous fear to see what can happen, what if its possible? What am I going to find if I look inside me? Embrace your fears and go for it, you will never, ever regret it…!!


Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Weapon of Fear

I went away for one week I needed space and new air to breathe, but in my running I witnessed how fear can become the most powerful weapon people can use against you… if you allow it.

I was in a room full of people looking to sign a contract, to get a job in other words, the people who were supposed to train them or talk about the kind of job they would do, started out saying they could not talk to each other.

They could not say a word about the conditions they were taking the “training”, no use of the restrooms, because that would make them mad and no contract sign, not talking or comments about them not even with your husband or wife because no contract sign.

Most of the people there were older than 40 years, these guys were making fun of them…!! But didn’t complain because if you do “no contract signed” the power of negative thoughts is so immense that lead us to create situations where we are allowing others to treat us like crap.

I could see the faces of both men and women in total disagreement, but then again if these guys saw a frowning   or non happy face the threat was again no job.

Is all about manipulating people through fear…! Those persons in the room needed a job to help their families, but because of their fear of not signing a contract didn’t say anything to stop it. What is definitely true is that the biggest mountain is within you I have no doubt about it.

How far can a person go to give you a job and how much can a person resist the insult? I don’t know It surprised me to see how we can become sheep and docile and allow others to take control over us.

Yes… fear can be a very powerful weapon when a person learns how to use it and this week was my turn to watch… low self esteem, no love for yourself, a mindset for scarcity that don’t let you stand for yourself and say “wait a second I deserve better than this” “I might not have a degree in chemistry but I do have a degree in loving myself”.

The lesson I learned is to follow my dreams, to go for what I want not for what others want to give me, to move forward no matter what even if my fears say you won’t make it.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer says “Do Not Die with the music still inside you”

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Struggle of Letting Go

The reality of this statement is that is easily said than done…!! Well, in my spiritual life every day is a lesson I wish I could find a person that can tell me is not having any struggle with letting go.

I think one of the biggest and toughest things in our spiritual quest or even when not in a spiritual path but in our daily life is this…

sad, man , struggleAfter a situation, let’s say a fight or argument with a partner,  parents or our boss we go back again and again replaying the movie and we are home in bed or the next morning, still keeping our head busy with the same thought as you must know the power of negative thoughts its so amazing that can stagnate you in the same place forever.

Like it just happened a few minutes ago…!!! My great spiritual teacher at home is my mother… when I think I have healed everything with her, there she comes again “pushing my buttons”.

When she is criticizing what I do or the way I do it, I keep my mind busy repeating “I release and let go” “I am the Violet Flame that consumes and dissolves everything she says” but guess what? Every so often I find myself falling into the trap of Ego.

Yes and as anyone else I have struggled with my “inner demons” and can’t let go,  it takes me time to do so. I don’t care what others say about it, I think that even Jesus did struggle with it.

What was He doing when He was alone and didn’t want to be bothered I only imagine He had to go away in order for Him to let go of all the things He had to witness and to go through.

He was a man after all… don’t you think? In a higher vibration yes, I agree, but still in a physical body and having to deal with our ancestors of which we are not so different…!!

The great reward of Letting go is the lightness, the freshness and happiness one feels when the burden is trashed… meanwhile, keep working on the breathing, affirmations and daily meditation… unless none of the above work, then bite your tongue before you say something you might regret later or can make you feel guilty and then will be harder to move on.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Magic of Loving Yourself I

Who hasn't felt the power of love? I don't think there is a person in this world who hasn't.

But in this case is about loving yourself  because it is too easy to give it to others, but  not to ourselves... When it becomes to be kind and gentle to ourselves, then we struggle.

Do you know how beautiful this emotion is? Allow it to flow into your Being as fresh nice shower or look yourself in the mirror and feel the most wonderful love for the image you see reflected back to you, feel it coming from deep inside your heart.

It will change everything in your life, you will dance with joy, you will see it is so easy to forgive yourself for all the mistakes you have made, as well as you forgive others, better relationships in your life, is the Magic you always been looking for.

The way to make all your dreams become true starts with loving and accepting every bit of yourself, it does not matter what happens, you will always be strong and at peace, there is no emotion more powerful than love.

I close my eyes and see the nothingness of love, no hurts, no pain, no suffering, no past, no future, no people, only this huge, big,  powerful sweet energy surrounding me, filling my Being to the point where I am everything and nothing at the same time.

If you want to create more happiness, money, health or whatever you want in your life, we all should start by creating the magic of loving yourself... I have started creating my own personal "loving myself" boot camp...!! Yes, I have...  This is by looking in the mirror every morning, afternoon, evening, before bedtime, in the car, at the supermarket and say the woman there that I love her no matter what wrongs she has done I love her above all.

What can you lose? Better yet, think of all you can win by making this change, it is your own personal choice... Live a magical life or stay in the shadows of your Ego.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Embrace Your Fears

I have been away from this blog for a while  learning how to move forward and realizing I must Embrace my Fears if I want to be successful in all I do.

Fear kept me from making a wise decision: moving away or stay in the middle of negativity and anger… my dream has always been writing, put in words my thoughts and feelings but I was afraid to go on with it.

The EGO’s voice is still in my head saying you won’t make it, you are not good at this so I took time off and thought about what I really, really wanted and I stumble upon an eBook,  great one I must say name is How to Raise Your Manifesting Vibration  I have put hands on the techniques and so far is working amazingly well!!

Anyway, it made me realized I was allowing my fears to take control and that is not  going to get me anywhere… but how to let go of my doubts? Well the answer its so easy when you pay attention to the sweet voice coming from your heart.

Embrace your fears, accept,  look  straight forward and  speak to them because they are your creation! They have lived with you for such a long time, now you have to say “I know you have been here as my everyday companions, I have shared with you all my failures, but it is time now to let you go and I release myself from this burden”.

I thought as many people do, that creating the illusion they are not there, then it won’t be real, but at the same time unconsciously I sabotaged myself because deep inside my fears were doing their homework!

Embrace who you are and every time the Ego starts saying you are not good enough to do what you want in life... Turn around and speak to it like you would to a negative friend... Put a name to it… he has been there with you since the beginning of time and will die when you die.

Why we can't completely get rid of it? Well, because the Ego is that part of our mind that believes it separate from the rest... So the only thing we can do is to learn to take control over the carriage of our life... Yes, my life and yours are like a carriage where the horses are out of control taking you where ever they want to.

So become the chauffeur of your life and take control over the horses and move them in the way YOU want them to go. By embracing your fears you become free.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Biggest Mountain is Within You

man climbing biggest mountain
 Reading an article  I stumbled upon this quote which I am using as a title… As many of us, I have made out of my problems big mountains, huge ones and yet there is always a solution, but this solution only comes to you when you realize that the problem and the solution is the same.

You seek and seek for answers, you pray, you cry,  you also deny and  blame others and yourself.  Little by little you create a mountain out of your situation and you decide it is so high that it is impossible for you to reach the top.

It is impossible for you to even start climbing it.  Your doubts and fears make you feel unsafe, insecure about the answer… you are the only one holding yourself back.

The biggest mountain is always created by you, by the way you think of yourself, if one feels undeserving, unworthy and unlovable then this becomes the biggest, the highest wall which you are unable to cross

Outside there is nothing else but illusions, everything is within you, all the problems were created because of the thought you have about it… the unsolved situations are nothing else but rocks that  your Ego  have thrown  on the road.

You are not as successful or as prosperous as you want it to be because of yourself… align with your higher self, align your desire with your thoughts and you’ll see the result.

Sometimes when I am quiet, looking at a problem from another perspective, I end up laughing at myself and asking Why am I worry about this? If there is a solution well it will be and if not, then it won't be... So I go to the refrigerator I grab some butter pecan ice cream, which is my favorite and put a full spoon in my mouth close my eyes and enjoy as the ultimate precious jewel in the universe!!

Why do I do this? Wellness is a good way to tell my Spirit I enjoy life, I am happy and I trust Him, giving yourself a small gift as a spoon full of ice cream is like you are telling your inner child, everything is alright.

When you trust in your Self there is no mountain, that you can’t climb, there is no dream that can’t be fulfilled, there is no space for fear and doubt… everything starts within you.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fear the Root of All Negative Emotions

Fear wrote in a yellow road sign
Fear its like a big, huge tree with long, strong and powerful roots and definitely lots of branches from where  the fruits of it are borne… what fruits am I talking about? Well envy, jealousy, anger, resentment, hate, pride, sadness, loneliness, etc., etc.,

Every single one fruit from this tree is created by the fear of or of something could be rejected, could be acceptable, sometimes to lose something or someone but in most cases is the need for LOVE…

When you are fearful or scare, then one of these emotions nailed its claws in your heart, making you feel hurt, pain, suffering or anger.

You can get easily caught in this web of  negative emotions if don’t know how to control it, making it grow bigger and bigger until it's too late.

Years ago the fear to lose my job because I felt I wasn’t good enough at what I was doing push myself to the limit my body started sending signals, but I did not pay attention, caught up in my own misery, feeling so mad at myself I gained weight out of the blue!

Didn’t do anything about it until my left arm and my tongue felt weird and I couldn’t speak… only then I stopped and realized I was in suicide mode without even knowing!

Thankfully for me a friend of mine help me to work it out through a various sessions of hypnosis I cut the chatter in my mind telling me I wasn’t good enough for the position I had at work and I used my fear to be better but never again allow it to overwhelm me.

We all have fears, our work is to stop the branches from growing before its too late sometimes its inevitable to feel upset, frustrated, jealous or envy, but when in a situation like the one I just described ask yourself is it worth it?

Do I really like to live my life in misery? Or even worse yet… to make other peoples' lives miserable as mine? How can I change this?

Your fears are only yours, they belong only to you and no one else has to pay for it so stop them, switch them, transformed them, face them with  love and you will see that miracles happen.

The journey is different for everyone, but when is about negative emotions we all have to face them sooner or later, but it's better if you do it with a smile.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Power of Negative Thoughts

The vast ground of our mind is so fertile and ready to grow whatever seed we plant in it… the seed of our Thoughts.

Bubble with negative thoughts
In daily life we don’t even think what kind of Thoughts we are planting in our mind, but usually these are mostly Negative… if we stop for a second and contemplate the quality of these, we would see they are on autopilot as +Leah Fairman says on her discussion Beware of Unconscious Co-Creation.

We can spend a week working with positive affirmations and one negative thought can destroy all that hard work in a second, our vibration goes to the floor when we are in a negative mode and so everything goes wrong.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Thorns On Your Soul

rose plant, thorns
Like a beautiful rose the Spiritual Road has its Thorns some hurt really bad, some not much, you only have to learn how to grab them without causing you any damage on your Soul.

When looking  for awareness, we go through times when don't know what to do or where to go, Spiritual lessons can be too harsh and hard that make you think of quitting, on leaving all behind and forget about it.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Change Your Life Through Laughter

Baby Laughing photo by jaaron
We can change our life using laughter as a Therapy, laugh makes you feel lighter, renewed, and is also good to relieve stress… is great to use when you are in trouble with your partner make a joke at that moment and tension disappears.

It is good for your health some studies have shown the importance of laughter in our lives. We spend a lot of time being bitter and ugly, letting other people to kill our sense of humor.
It’s sad to see the sour faces everywhere, even children..! We are passing it to our kids, yes, we are passing the bitterness, the sourness and all the stress to them.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Live From Within

Ying-yang spirituality manadala
To live your life from within you don’t need to go to Tibet, or to a Monastery, you just need to believe that the Temple of God is already within yourself, you have to trust that the Key to your happiness is already in your hands.

How to Live life from within That’s a question a person trying to find their Purpose in life have asked many times, how do I do to live my life from within as all Spiritual and New Age gurus say, go to the Silence and wait.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Money and Our Resistance to it

Money, hundred dollar bills
Have you ever asked why the more you want Money, the more stays away from you? For no reason it seems that no matter what you do, no matter how hard you work, it is never enough, just don’t know how  make it through the week, until next paycheck.

Well, this is because we have made a huge Resistance to it, yes, that’s rightso the more we resist it, the hardest to get, but why?  You might ask is this happening, all this is because the way we were raised up, the way you think and see money is the way this one would flow into your life.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Explosions in Boston MA

Innocent People Paying for the Wrongs of Politicians

What a shame what just happened in Boston yesterday, it is not a game when involves children and more Innocent people just happened to be there at the wrong time and the wrong place. I might say the United States has been exposed since long time ago. Why… because of their fear.

Yes…Fears, they have fed from it since always, we all know that what we fear the most, is exactly what we are attracting, I watch the news and the only thing I see and hear is Fear, fear from everything and Politicians have been playing an important role in this movie, to gain followers or fans or whatever you want to call it, they play with people’s fear, and the distance between one another is getting bigger and bigger every day.
Hate is the all day long plate serve in the news, Politicians speaking about changes, rules and a lot of trash, that in my personal opinion, only makes it grow out of proportion.

As an Spiritual person I disagree in this acts of Violence, this is not the way to get things done, nothing is going to change if people don’t change the way we were programmed, paying back with hate is no going to fix the problem, I don’t think Americans need more attacks…how many times we watch on television how they kill each other at schools.
No… what people need is to stop creating in their minds that they are going to be under attack, that somebody is going to come from X or Y country to kill them…we don’t need no more fear because in every country of this world we have our own dose of it…sometimes I imagine how would it look all our negative emotions around the globe if we could take a picture?

Killing each other it’s not going to make the world a better place to live…there are no justified reasons for violence, anger or hate.
My condolences to Americans and my Prayers for the families affected.

Friday, April 12, 2013

How I Overcome my Fear To Leave my Job

How to Overcome Your Fears with your Desire, is exactly what you are reading, only the Power of Your Desire can make your fears to fade away through Faith and Intention

Faith is going to give us whatever we ask for, it’s going to take us as high as we can possibly imagine. Faith is that what you can’t see, but you know is there, the trust that you are going to get it, you don’t know how but you will, knowing a Higher Power is working for you behind the scenes.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Anger and Forgiveness

 The Anger we all have Within Us and How to Forgive it.
This emotion  comes from within and is like fuel waiting to be ignited by anyone , making life appear like hell on earth, sometimes it's not easy to control it, and leads to more and more until gets to the top and you have to look for help. 

Looking at it from Spiritual , Metaphysical, or New Age point of view there is nothing more, that the Anger at yourself reflecting back to you, those who make you mad are not the real problem, the real problem is coming from within, you are upset and all the Anger comes when a person "push my buttons" I found this article (which is very good) I thought would be a good idea to include it in this post Channelise Your Anger  

We all can manage our emotions, the best way is to let them be, when trying to control it, it gets worse instead of extinguish the fire its like adding fuel to it. This emotion can destroy you and everyone else around you.

As you might know every person in our lives is a reflection of our deepest emotions, like a mirror were one can see those things that one tries to hide, the result is we see it in other people and we judge, criticize,condemn and get really upset because of their behavior, when they are innocents doing the job God send them to do: Reflect your negative emotions back to you and make you grow.

I learned to let go of my own Emotional Poison through Forgiveness, forgiving my whole family, friends, co-workers, forgiving my mistakes and taking full responsibility of my life.

Still sometimes it gets me off guard but its not the same, you know the Ego Self looks for ways to manipulate us, to sabotage our advances it depends on you if you allow it or not.

Be happy, be free, breath before speaking.

Blessings to all

“Light reaches even the darkest corner”

Monday, April 8, 2013

Chasing Love

Chasing Love and Why we Become Obsessive with it

Well I chased for love more than I’d like to admit… I remember the first time the book The Mastery of Love came into my hands, was exactly the right timing, I was going through bad times in a relationship ( once more ) didn’t know what to do, tell me who hasn’t gone through those feelings of desperation, anxiety, obsession, suffering, sleep deprivation after a break up? I was really, really bad, and alone, and asking why all these events in my life were like a horror movie that keeps rewinding, so as I was saying this book came along and I discover all the Negative Programs still in my mind. 

So  I read the whole Mastery of Love…I read it againand then I stopped in this paragraph that turned the light on in my headIn the same way, we become masters of jealousy, masters of sadness, masters of self-rejection. All of our drama and suffering is by practice. We make an agreement with ourselves, and we practice that agreement until it becomes a whole mastery."  I sadly discover I had made an agreement with self-rejection…!

Didn’t finish there after knowing all this and accepted it…I fell again for the wrong guy…! That was it…no more I said, my life is a nightmare, no one person can live like me, I was trying to force him into loving me, he was a jerk, but because I was so spiritual and such a good person I put up with every humiliation, the Verbal Abuse, his rejection was total but I did not want  to see it, I was desperately in need for love.

The reality is we all look for an Illusion of Love, we look to imprison the person that is the object of our "love", at the beginning everything is nice and pretty but when time passes by and we've to change this significant other, and she or he didn't do or behaved the way we wanted...the magic disappears he or she is not the right person anymore. Although we know deep inside something is wrong we become obsessive with Love and there we go again to the Chase for Love to the point where it becomes almost a nightmare...yes we become obsessive trying to find it where is not...

Stop chasing Illusions, learn to connect with your Higher Self, close your eyes and look within there you'll find all you need,  its a lie programmed in our minds that we need a person to be complete and to love us, all the love we need is already in you. Make the agreement to be happy, make a Love Agreement,  become a Master of Love...!!!

“Light reaches even the darkest corner”