Monday, September 2, 2019

The magical power of gratitude

This is the first of the series of posts that I have decided to call "the magic power" since magic power is in many of the things we do in our daily lives and we don't realize it.

The magical power of gratitude is based on the fact that the more you thank for what you have, this multiplies and the better if you thank for what you don't have yet, it manifests!

Did you know that gratitude is one of the keys that open the way to prosperity? Well, yes, it's not just that beautiful feeling that you have when someone does something good to or for you.

Gratitude goes beyond everything you've experienced or learned so far and is one of the basis (but the fundamental basis) with which the Law of Attraction works.

We are usually educated from an early age to say thank you and be kind when we require something or someone gives us a service, even at home with our parents and siblings, we are used to thanking them.

What we do not get used to the vast majority or we forget in the process of "programming" as I call it, is to be grateful for everything we have. 

On the contrary, it has become customary to curse or disdain what we have without realizing that this is the worst thing you can do.

Just as gratitude has enormous magical power, so does disdain what you possess. Remember that everything you think is magnified and manifested with the more power and energy you give it.

You have noticed that one of the things that teach you in the church is to give thanks for food, but it is something that honestly very few does and I am among the many who does not do it for shame or for “lack of time” do I miss it? That, if we have time for other things, but not to thank for the blessings we are given.

  How and in what to apply the magical power of gratitude?

It is very common to think that gratitude only applies when you thank the waitress in a restaurant because they served you well, at the bank because they treated you on time or just at home when your husband passes you the salt or the sugar when having dinner.

But do you really know how to thank? Very few people know this magical power. At least, I was one of those who struggled a lot when it came to giving thanks for what I received and for what I already had, I spent a lot of time grumbling for everything I wanted to have and in one way or another, I didn't get it.

I wasted years of my life in that vicious circle of hate and courage because I didn't have what I wanted, on the contrary, I had more and more of what I didn't want in my life. Until after many years and ups and downs you realize that the magic was always there.

Suddenly I discovered that just by looking around you realize all the good there is to be grateful for.

There is a very easy and simple way to train in daily gratitude and that a practice that seems very simple and at the same time creates tremendous miracles.

It is nothing more and nothing less than making a list, just as you have read a list, although it is not just any list, this is the list of thanks, your gratitude journal.

It is recommended that at least once upon getting up or before going to bed to sleep write at least three things for which you are grateful for that day for the next thirty days.

At the beginning it may be difficult for you to do this exercise, but with the passing of the days you will find more and more things for which you give thanks and before you know it being grateful will become part of your daily life.

Gradually, your defensive attitude is changing when you realize that the law of attraction works and a fundamental part of it is gratitude.

Turn to give thanks into a way of life, record in your mind that the key to prosperity is not only economic but prosperity in all areas of your life is to be grateful.

You are a divine being with the power to create, accept little by little that the magical power of gratitude does not depend on anyone else but yourself to function and open the doors to a full and total life.

Do you want to have more money? Grab your money, smell it, look at it with love, hug it with love and thank it for being your friend, for being there and multiplying. 

Raise your arms with an attitude of joy and dance of happiness with your banknotes at the same time give thanks with all your heart.

You have no money and want to manifest it? Thank God, the universe, the whole, your divinity or whatever you want to call that higher power that moves us and while you do it fixed in your mind how much money you want to manifest.

Obviously you have to think of a sum that is real and credible to you, otherwise your subconscious mind will say “that is not true you do not have that amount, you never had it” just give thanks and print to your desire all the power of your feeling.

Do you want health, love or just what you want is inner peace? You just have to give thanks for perfect health, remember to “act” for some time until your mind accept it as fact.

We have been so distant from our divinity that it takes practice and for some time to believe and accept that we are creators, that we can manifest in our reality all that we set out to do.

You can read The power of feeling if you want to know a little more about how the force that you imprint to your desire affects what you want to manifest.

This is a kind of prayer that I say every night and it works for me, not that I discovered the black thread, but for me, it covers all the angles of my day. Obviously, if you can do it in the morning it is much better combined with your gratitude list.

You take about three deep breaths and then relax, the sentence says like this:
Thank you father for the food you put on my table today,
For this bed, which helps my body to rest,
For this the roof that covers me and my family.
Thank you for my perfect health and for the perfect health of all my family and friends,
Thank you for blessing and multiplying my money,
For the transportation I use every day to get to work,
Thank you because every day I have the opportunity to improve as a human being
And to meet my divinity, thanks for the sun, for the moon and the stars,
for the sea the rivers and the birds, for the trees and by everything that has to perish
For me to live. Thank you for making all my dreams come true, for manifesting
In the visible, all the good that I wish for myself and others.
Thank you for all that I have, what I am and what I will be.
From my divine being, I bless the world.

It works for me and from the bottom of my heart I want it to work for you too, you can add or remove whatever you want, in case it vibrates with you.


As you may have realized that to apply and receive the benefits of the magical power of gratitude, you don't need anything else all you have to do is practice, a lot of practice. It is said that it normally takes 21 days to reprogram your mind and start seeing results.

Until next time, I hope to see you around here, which, although this is not a blog created by an expert, was made with the purpose of learning and remembering along with whoever does me the honor of reading it. 

May the Universe give you the strength and wisdom to create the life you want.

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